Set Up a Template for Your School's Diplomas



1. Your Custom Diploma Template

  • Your school's custom template may have any wording, size or layout you desire. (It does NOT have to be a "High School" Diploma - we serve many kinds of schools.) Your template wording may be based on a diploma that's found on our site (view them) or it may be completely different.
  • If you issue more than one degree, we will set up several templates for you. For example, if your school offers both a General High School Diploma and a College Preparatory Diploma, once you approve the proof for one of them, we'll duplicate it and make minor changes to create the second. There is no charge to set up additional templates as long as the layout is similar and the size is the same.
  • If you have your own logo and would like it used in foil on the diploma and/or diploma cover, please see our artwork specifications page .

2. Diploma Covers are Included

  • The diplomas we print from your template will always include deluxe padded covers with acetate and tissue.

  • We ask you to choose a specific size and color that will always be used for your school's covers. You'll give us that choice on the template order form, and we keep it our records. (We have many size/color combinations in stock)


  • We can also put your school's name or logo on the covers with no minimum quantity. This page gives details about diploma cover personalization options and costs. If you will want us to use your school's logo on the covers, there is also a $37 one-time charge to create the metal die we use for the stamping. (The third order form below has that charge built into the cost of the template.) There is no additional charge to use a cover stamped with "Diploma of Graduation," a plain cover, or a cover with one of our prestamped designs if it is offered in your size and color.


  • When we set up your order form, we'll make the diploma cover of your choice add to the cart along with the diploma. If your cover normally includes the personalization of the school name, that is automatically added, and is calculated into the price. If on a particular order you'd prefer a different cover, just write us a note in the checkout area.


3. Pricing

  • The one-time artwork charge for the template (including emailed proofs) is $25 from January through July, and $12.50 during the "off-season" -- August through December.

  • Once the template is established, we'll set up a complimentary private order form for you, where you may take advantage of volume pricing on your diplomas.

  • The diploma prices include the deluxe diploma cover and one of our foil embossed seals. The price chart shows the cost to upgrade to a custom foil or exclusive (engraved) seal.

  • There is a one-time set up charge of $25 if you'd like to have us use your own logo in foil as a diploma seal. This charge is half price during the off-season.

  • If you'd like to use your own artwork to put the logo on the diploma covers, there is a one-time charge of $37 to have us make the die for the stamping. (This is not discounted in the off-season.)

  • When ordering from your private ordering area, you will also automatically get discounted pricing on apparel, and may add honors seals to any diploma for $2.95.


Use one of the order forms below to request your Custom Diploma Template: