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Date added: 12/27/2014 New "Classical Christian Education" Diploma Crest





Our "Classical Christian Education" engraved crest features rich green foil behind gold engraving.
The central tree and the green color represent growth and life-long learning. The trunk is engraved
with a subtle but definite cross, pointing to the Savior as the source of all knowledge and wisdom.
Each of the sections of inner text correspond with the larger text closest to it: "Wisdom & Virtue" under "Classical,"
"Vital Spirituality" under "Christian" and "Diligence and Discernment" above the word "Education."



Engraved Diploma seals, including this one, are offered on our line of "Exclusive Diplomas."
They include a deluxe padded diploma cover, four wording options,
four standard Bible verse options, your own signature line descriptions,
and your school name in a shaded arch at the top of the document.

The new crest is offered on the 8.5" x 11" Exclusive Diploma and also on the 6" x 8" size.
They are also offered as part of a full graduation package.