Lettering Styles

Click on each font below to view a larger image:

For specific notes about the various fonts, see the bottom of the page.

What is most popular? (Sometimes people want to know!) The answer is that SRH, CHA, and GOT lead the popularity contest, with AMZ close behind. All four are beautiful and very appropriate fonts, and together they make up the great majority of our orders.

Notice that ENG and LCR are very broad. If some of your information just barely fits on the order form, it is possible that we may not be able to fit it on the card in one of these broader fonts. We'll contact you if we feel the font is not a good choice for the card, or if it simply doesn't fit.

Use caution with AVA - the tiny lower case letters and fine lines can make it difficult to read. For this reason, we do not offer AVA on black or navy paper.

Would you like the student's name on the announcement enlarged? We can do it, if you skip a line before and after the name. See this page for details.