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Can you issue a diploma? Will your diploma be accepted by colleges or employers? See our article about the Homeschool Diploma >   If this is your final graduate, you may find the conclusions in this article meaningful:: The Empty School >   If you are planning a ceremony and/or celebration, you're sure to be looking for some ideas! We have a collection of links to some of our favorite ideas for a homeschool graduation >
Putting together a transcript for your student is extremely important. We have an overview and some helpful links on our page about Homeschool Transcripts >   Graduation is one of the remaining 'rites of passage' in our culture, but one that has become devoid of spiritual content. This article by our company's founder appeared on, and it examines the need to reclaim a spriritual emphasis for 'Commencement.'   How will your family celebrate? Homeschool graduations are as unique and varied as homeschoolers themselves! A quick overview: Marking the Completion of a Home Education >