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Engraved Seals


These engraved seals are our designs, created exclusively for our customers' needs. Engraving of this quality can be understood at a glance. It is a method of creating raised areas on paper with dies and ink. The company that does our engraving has won world-wide acclaim for their work. It is an art form and each piece is finished off by burnishing with hand tools under magnification. Small schools and individuals normally cannot afford the expense of a set of dies to do engraving work. These seals add value to your diploma and make our diplomas difficult to duplicate.


The engraved seals are approximately 1.75" wide on the diploma.


Christian Education Seal or Crest for Your Homeschool Diploma

Christian Education

Our most popular seal features navy foil behind gold engraving. There is an open Bible at the top with the words “Thy Word is Truth” beneath it. The symbols are the lamp, lyre, and "Alpha Omega.” The ribbon reads “Scholarship - Godliness - Christian Education.”

Classical Education Seal or Crest for Your Homeschool Diploma

Educating for Excellence

This engraved seal features gold and maroon foil behind black engraving. A beautiful seal that visually expresses the desire for excellence that motivates your efforts!

Classical Education Seal or Crest for Your Homeschool Diploma

Classical Education

This seal features rich green foil behind gold engraving. The central tree and the green color represent growth and life-long learning. The trunk is engraved with a subtle but definite cross, pointing us to the Savior as the source of all knowledge and wisdom. The three sections of large text each have a corresponding description in the smaller text below. Eg.,  “Classical” with “Wisdom & Virtue,” etc.

Soli Deo Gloria Seal or Crest for Your Homeschool Diploma

Soli Deo Gloria

This seal has gold engraving on top of royal blue foil and bears the Latin phrase “Soli Deo Gloria” and below it, the English translation “To God Alone be the Glory.” It's a reminder that everything in our lives -- including past accomplishments and future plans -- should be reflected back in praise to God. We've designed a beautiful setting for the cross and crown that symbolizes the Lordship of Christ.

Private Education Seal or Crest for Your Homeschool Diploma

Private Education

This seal is impressive with its gold engraving on navy blue foil. It reads “Scholarship - Excellence - Character” with “Private Education” forming the inner ring of text at the points of the starburst.