Embossed Seals


The following seals are available for your Standard, Personalized or Vintage Diploma.


We offer the "Soli Deo Gloria" seal for your school's custom diploma

'Soli Deo Gloria' Seal

This seal has a cross in the center, with the Latin words "Soli Deo Gloria" around the top, and the English translation: "To God Alone Be The Glory" around the bottom.

Use our "Excellence in Homeschooling" seal for your diplomas

Excellence in Home Education

This embossed adhesive seal displays the traditional "lamp of learning" design in the center.

The diploma for your school can use our dated "year" embossed seal.

'Year' Embossed Seal

This deeply embossed ‘Year’ seal will match the graduation date that you provide for the diploma. It is available for years 2006 to the present.