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 From Our Customers

What Else You Said About Our Diplomas for Homeschool Graduation

After so many years in business, we still feel satisfaction in our work, knowing that we have a part in your senior's graduation from homeschool. Below are quotes from homeschool parents who ordered a diploma from Thanks for your positive feedback, and we wish your seniors the absolute best!

from Malia

"By personalizing it, we were able to tailor it specifically for our homeschool. While there were many options, each option was clear and not overwhelming, including samples and pictures to make it easy to understand."

from Melissa

"The padded diploma cover with the engraving is so beautiful and Jonathan will be able to treasure his diploma for years to come.  The diploma itself was also nicely finished and very professionally created."

from Lisa

"Kiddo sat right next to me and was able to select everything to make the diploma special and unique.  Isn't that one of the best parts of homeschooling-- to customize the entire educational experience to our student's needs, abilities and interests?  Kiddo and a group of other soon-to-be homeschooled graduates have been meeting to organize and put together their own commencement.  He even asked his grandfather to be the keynote speaker!  How appropriate, therefore, that he be able to choose his own diploma and personalize it just the way he would like."

from Lynn

"Why do I love it so much?  Because it is 100% customizable.  It says everything I wanted it to say -- about school, about life, about Jesus.  It reflects the heart of the young man my boy has become and it reiterates what I've said so often about our homeschool journey. This is about so much more than book education. Homeschooling is about equipping our children to live in a world gone mad and offering them solid faith to stand tall for what they believe in even when no one else will. All of this (and more) has been incorporated into the Eagle Scout's diploma. 

Graduation is a special time and will help you pull it all together as you strive to bring glory and honor to GOD."

from Dalynn

"I've not seen anything comparable to this for homeschool diplomas, and it's not much out of pocket to get a very nice piece of memorabelia. I think it will help our always-homeschooled kiddos feel more official before they head out to meet the world."

from Melanie

"I find that offers the professional diploma that I think all home school kids and their parents deserve.  My second son actually needed his diploma to register for some medical classes outside of college, and I was thrilled that I had chosen to purchase a diploma for him, and he was able to look professional when registering for his class."

from Angie

"But I have to tell you – from a mom's heart – this certificate completed my efforts. It made me feel .. . . validated."

from Linsey

"Thankfully, the site walks you through every option available, providing samples of what other parents may choose and giving you a preview of how it will all look in the end. They were very up-front about if any styles or features would cost extra, as well. No surprises with the price tag when checking out; what's not to like about that?"

from Tim

"The care that we took in choosing John Allen's diploma was equally matched in their making and packaging of the diploma itself. As you can see by the above pictures, the diploma is beautiful, and made sure that arrived in beautiful condition. You could tell that they value their products by the way it was boxed and delivered."

from Jen

"We received our diploma about a week after I finished my order online. It is nothing short of beautiful."

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