Bezel Designs

The "Bezel" is the area of text that surrounds the stone.

Not all rings have a bezel, but the bezel is part of what gives a class ring its "classic" look! Because a die must be made to create a ring, there is some expense involved in setting up the first ring with a unique school name on it. In traditional schools, where many rings are ordered every year, the cost of the die is negligible. However, in a homeschool situation where the school may have a unique name and only one student, the cost of the die for the bezel is a large factor. For this reason, we've designed a collection of bezel designs that our customers may use at no charge when purchasing a ring from us.

There is no additional charge to use any of the designs shown here. However, the smallest rings may not be able to use the designs with longer texts; see the actual order form to view the options that are offered.



Christian / Education

Christian /
Home Education

Classical /
Home Education

Excellence /
Home Education

Catholic /
Home Education

Soli /
Deo Gloria



Your Own School Name on the Bezel


If you would like your own school name on the bezel, we can do it! There is a $85 die charge to create the die for your school name, and the name must fit within the number of characters allowed on the ring you have chosen. (The order form for the rings gives this information.)


A bezel design is divided into two halves, usually with dividers such as a small stones. Consider the layout of your school name and how it could be divided in half.  If possible, the two halves should be fairly equal in length. In a case where the first part of the school name is short and the second part is longer, the stones or dividers will be in the upper half of the bezel, rather than centered across from each other. When you submit an order for a custom bezel, we will look at it with an eye for how it will fit on the bezel and we'll call you if we have questions. If the bezel is being established for a large ring, but in the future there will be smaller rings ordered, keep in mind that the smaller rings have room for fewer characters. The maximum number of characters and spaces for the bezel on a small ring is 18.

Custom Bezel for Your Homeschool

If you are a homeschool parent purchasing a ring for one of your children, you may use the same bezel die in the future for rings for your other children. In this case, the bezel die is paid for on the first ring order and then there is no charge to use it again on subsequent orders, regardless of the ring style. When placing your order, choose the option on the ring order form for "Custom Bezel with Your Own School Name." This adds the die cost. In the future, you'd indicate that the custom bezel has already been set up, and does not need to be paid for again.

Custom Bezel for Your School


If your school would like to establish a custom bezel (and / or custom shank design) for the benefit of future ring orders, we have an order form where you may pay the cost in advance. Students then select the option that says (Custom Bezel was paid for previously) when they place orders.

If 5 or more rings are ordered with your school's bezel in the same school year, the bezel charge is refunded to you. (They do not have to be the same ring style.) Just let us know after the orders have been placed.