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Homeschool parents often focus on the high school transcript since it's so important for college admissions and discount the high school diploma as an optional, unimportant document. But the high school diploma is important and may be necessary for your graduate down the line.

Colleges, employers, and overseas organizations may request to see your teen's diploma, so it's best to create one at the time of homeschool graduation and store it safely until it is needed. 

There’s no reason your homeschooled high school teenagers can’t enjoy a prom with their friends. With a bit of planning it will be a huge success that will be enjoyed by teens and parents alike.

In the minds of many, the high school prom is a treasured American tradition. It can be one of the first questions parents are asked when announcing the decision to homeschool through high school: “If you homeschool, how will your child go to prom?”

Make the final year of homeschool a special one with these meaningful gift and activity ideas.

Whether you homeschooled your child from Kindergarten to twelfth grade or only started homeschooling a few years ago, you still want the senior year -- maybe that last year at home -- to be special.

You may have already seen sneak previews of our big news on social media, but here is the official announcement... (It was pretty hard to keep under wraps because we're very excited about this!)

Today we’re announcing a beautiful new line of caps & gowns!  The “Tribute” is replacing our “Traditional” apparel as our in-stock shiny gown style. Tribute is heavier, silkier, more opaque, and very lustrous. We know you will appreciate the quality of this fabric!

The high school diploma deserves a place of honor where it can be located in case it is needed as documentation. There are many options for storage from displaying it openly in your home to safely packing it away, safe from the elements.

The diploma may be needed in the future, so you need to store the diploma somewhere safe. The diploma is also a symbol of all the hard work and effort you have put in over the years. You’ve worked hard for it, so it shouldn’t be tossed just anywhere.

Thanks to our customers for sharing photos of their teens showing off their graduation goodies from We are honored to be part of this pivotal milestone in the life of your senior and of your entire family.

It's always a delight to see homeschool seniors and graduates with our products. All of us here at offer our sincere congratulations to these teens who have reached the culmination of their many years of homeschooling. They are shown here proudly displaying a diploma, a mortarboard cap and tassel, or a full cap and gown ensemble. Click each image to see more from their proud homeschool mothers.