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Dessert party bars are perfect for an informal, open house celebration of your homeschooler’s graduation.

Your homeschool graduation party menu will match the sweet tone of your homeschooler's senior year with one of these six unusual party bar ideas. Forget about a boring half-sheet cake from the local grocery. Party bars are hip, and your guests love being able to make their sweet refreshments according to their own particular tastes. 

Let family and friends know that your homeschooled teenager has graduated from high school by sending formal announcements. These cards don't have to be associated with an event such as a graduation ceremony or party.

What do you do if your teenager prefers an intimate family party for graduation and you don’t wish to send out a hundred invitations? After all, the last thing your graduate wants is for the intimate graduation to become the party of the century. The answer is easy, you mail a formal announcement instead of an invitation.

You can plan and hold a homeschool graduation party without breaking the bank or jeopardizing your sanity.

As exciting as it is to pass the milestone of homeschool graduation with your senior, it can sideswipe the family budget to come up with the needed money for all the extra expenses that come along with it. While you won’t want to forego the essentials such as a high school diploma, senior portraits, and a cap and gown, you probably do want to stretch your dollars where you can. The graduation party is one area that can be done inexpensively while including family and friends in a fun celebration that honors the graduate. Mix and match these tips to keep your party affordable.

It's time to plan the graduation celebration! Choosing a theme can unify the party planning and reflect your senior's interests, future plans, or personality. Take the theme as far as you want down to food and music choices, but remember not to let the theme detract from the fun of this special day.

Your graduation party doesn’t require a theme, but some families thrive on the fun of making all the details of a party work towards a single motif. Your theme can be something meaningful to the graduate or can be something wacky that appeals to your family. 

Using social media to broadcast your teen’s homeschool graduation makes life easier to be sure, but it also involves a few extra considerations to make sure you are being both polite and efficient.

It is increasingly common to issue some homeschool graduation announcements and party invitations by social media and others through the mail. If you’re planning on sending some of your announcements through social media, here are few tips to consider. 

Homeschool parents often focus on the high school transcript since it's so important for college admissions and discount the high school diploma as an optional, unimportant document. But the high school diploma is important and may be necessary for your graduate down the line.

Colleges, employers, and overseas organizations may request to see your teen's diploma, so it's best to create one at the time of homeschool graduation and store it safely until it is needed.