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“How Do I Compile a Transcript?”

A Transcript is an official school report which includes a student's courses, grades, and credits.

We get calls regularly from people who want to know if they can purchase a transcript from us along with their diploma. The answer is "No, we don't sell transcripts." A transcript from your home school/ high school is not something that you buy; it is something that you compile..

Our newest diploma style features raised text, parchment paper, and our original hand-flourished design.

Have you ever looked at an antique diploma and marveled at the level of penmanship in the flourishes and Spencerian script? Maybe you haven't, but I'll have to admit that when I see something like this...


If your senior is hesitant to have a graduation ceremony, commemorate the milestone of homeschool graduation by choosing a creative option that your teenager will enjoy. Your graduation event doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s.

graduation ceremony is a rite of passage. It is how our society recognizes that teenagers have come of age and are full adults. It’s a mandatory part of a public school education. Public school students, with all of their graduating friends and classmates, stand as a group in front of a crowd of proud family members. It’s only for a moment that they are alone in the spotlight, walking across the stage one by one. At the end of the ceremoy, they toss their caps into the air as a collective expression of joy.

For us as Christian homeschoolers, the graduation provides us with the unique opportunity to bless our child and remind them of their foundation of faith, while at the same time giving a testimony of God's goodness and grace to those around us. I think it is an opportunity that we should seize!

An acquaintance of ours, whose children are in a Christian school, heard me use the words "homeschool" and "graduation" in the same sentence and told me bluntly, "Homeschoolers don't graduate." Well, not every homeschooling student dons a cap and gown, but at some point they DO finish.

Bring the ancient Jewish tradition of the blessing into your modern homeschool graduation and impact your child in unforgettable ways.

There are many things we parents do to enrich the lives of our children. We provide shelter, food, clothing, and as homeschoolers, we have borne the responsibility for their education as well. But our children need more from us. They need our blessing.

Don't skip the graduation ceremony. It's an important time of recognition and gratitude, marking a pivotal milestone in a teen's life. 

After years of hard work and homeschooling, your teenager is ready to graduate high school. Can you simply hand your child a transcript and diploma or do you need to go through the time and effort to actually plan a graduation ceremony? To be blunt, you do need to plan and host a graduation ceremony for your teenager. A graduation serves five distinct purposes for those who graduate and those who attend it.

Every homeschool family that has held a graduation celebration has a unique story about how they did it. Here's the story of our first graduation!

Some families choose to hold a ceremony at home or in their church and make their child's commencement a public affair with friends and family present. Others keep it a very private affair and make it a memorable family-only time. When our daughter graduated, we chose to do both.

A high school graduation ceremony doesn't have to be an elaborate production as long as you focus on the simple essentials. Here is what you need to do for a simple homeschool graduation held at your home or a public park.

Does the thought of hosting a homeschool graduation ceremony fill you with dread? Maybe you've never attended anything but a large ceremony at a public or private school and can't imagine how you could pull off that much pomp and circumstance with a single graduating teen. Don’t worry! Planning a graduation doesn’t need to be a difficult process when you host a simple ceremony with family and friends.