Learn when to send graduation announcements versus when to send graduation invitations, what to wear under the graduation gown, and how to wear a tassel with these pointers on high school graduation etiquette.

Failing our children at the finish line is a deep-seated fear shared by most homeschool moms. After all, no one wants to mar her child’s high school graduation with a careless or ignorant faux pas. Here are the main points of graduation etiquette that you need to know during the final lap of your homeschool race.

Don't let  senior slump keep your teenager from finishing well. Here are ways to prevent senioritis or at least minimize its effects so that you and your teen can make it successfully to a homeschool graduation.

Restlessness, lethargy, apathy, carelessness -- if you see these signs in your teen six to nine months prior to high school graduation, you may have a case of senioritis on your hands! Homeschoolers are certainly not immune to this common malady.

How will your family celebrate?

There are as many styles of graduations as there are families! We hear from many people who say "my son (or daughter) does not want to participate in a ceremony. What can I do?" It is important to mark the accomplishment in some way, both for the student and for their family and friends.

Designing a memorable and meaningful homeschool graduation ceremony is a simple matter of planning out a few key elements.

With a bit of planning and thought you can hold the ideal graduation ceremony for your homeschool high school graduate. You and your teen will have beautiful memories of friends and family gathering to celebrate this important time in your teenager’s life.

Let family and friends know that your homeschooled teenager has graduated from high school by sending formal announcements. These cards don't have to be associated with an event such as a graduation ceremony or party.

What do you do if your teenager prefers an intimate family party for graduation and you don’t wish to send out a hundred invitations? After all, the last thing your graduate wants is for the intimate graduation to become the party of the century. The answer is easy, you mail a formal announcement instead of an invitation.

Most of our modern graduation traditions come from customs established in the European universities of the Middle Ages. If you've ever wondered why we roll diplomas, wear graduation gowns, don (and toss) mortarboard caps, and play Pomp and Circumstance, this article will satisfy your curiosity.

Since the start of the Western university system in the 1200s, many different graduation traditions have taken hold in our American culture. Here are a few fascinating facts about the traditions surrounding a graduation ceremony, most of which we carry even into modern-day homeschool graduations.