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A graduation ceremony and a graduation celebration have different purposes. As a homeschool family, you can choose to have both or merge them into a single large event.

The high school graduation ceremony is the formal occasion when your child, wearing a cap and gown, receives his or her high school diplomaThe celebration includes family and friends at a party to celebrate your teenager's achievement of high school graduation.

Designing a memorable and meaningful homeschool graduation ceremony is a simple matter of planning out a few key elements.

With a bit of planning and thought you can hold the ideal graduation ceremony for your homeschool high school graduate. You and your teen will have beautiful memories of friends and family gathering to celebrate this important time in your teenager’s life.

Homeschoolers have the option of combining graduation ceremonies and the family celebration into one single event. But should you combine the two events? There are pros and cons to merging these two events into one.

Combining the high school graduation ceremony and the family party simplifies your planning dramatically. Instead of planning for two separate events, you’re planning for one large event. On the other hand, having one huge celebration may be draining and impractical

When you’re planning a homeschool graduation ceremony, an important decision is where to hold the event. Your chosen location impacts both the cost and the number of people who will be able to attend as well as other practical considerations for your event. Here are some options for homeschool graduation locations.

Having the graduation ceremony at your house has the distinct advantage of being the simplest and least expensive option available. You don’t need to worry about reserving the location in advance, having a misunderstanding about the date, or guests getting lost.

Using social media to broadcast your teen’s homeschool graduation makes life easier to be sure, but it also involves a few extra considerations to make sure you are being both polite and efficient.

It is increasingly common to issue some homeschool graduation announcements and party invitations by social media and others through the mail. If you’re planning on sending some of your announcements through social media, here are few tips to consider. 

Let family and friends know that your homeschooled teenager has graduated from high school by sending formal announcements. These cards don't have to be associated with an event such as a graduation ceremony or party.

What do you do if your teenager prefers an intimate family party for graduation and you don’t wish to send out a hundred invitations? After all, the last thing your graduate wants is for the intimate graduation to become the party of the century. The answer is easy, you mail a formal announcement instead of an invitation.

Not sure what to suggest when people ask what your graduating homeschooler wants as a graduation gift? Here are seven types of gifts that your college-bound son is sure to appreciate.

Although young men will welcome receiving money and gift cards as graduation gifts, there are plenty of other practical gifts you can bestow on the homeschool graduate in your life.

A gap year is a year between high school graduation and college when young adults travel or work in an effort to identify their personal calling in life. Here are gifts that a homeschool graduate who is taking a gap year is sure to appreciate.

Not all homeschooled teenagers immediately head to college after graduating from high school. It’s becoming more and more common for teenagers to take what’s called a gap year -- a year between high school graduation and entry to college (or some other choice).