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A gap year is a year between high school graduation and college when young adults travel or work in an effort to identify their personal calling in life. Here are gifts that a homeschool graduate who is taking a gap year is sure to appreciate.

Not all homeschooled teenagers immediately head to college after graduating from high school. It’s becoming more and more common for teenagers to take what’s called a gap year -- a year between high school graduation and entry to college (or some other choice).

What does a recent high school graduate from homeschool want as a graduation gift if she's headed to college? Here are suggestions for meaningful gifts that she will love.

When choosing a graduation gift that can be taken to college, think of practical tools that make life easier or homey gifts that bring a touch of comfort to the campus.

As our teenagers are graduating from high school, we want to offer a graduation gift that goes beyond the practical necessities of outfitting a dorm room. We want something symbolic or significant.

Giving a meaningful gift that encourages your son or daughter in their Christian faith is especially welcome during this time of major life transition for both of you. Celebrate your child’s faith while you commemorate this milestone with these six meaningful graduation gift ideas.

Most of our modern graduation traditions come from customs established in the European universities of the Middle Ages. If you've ever wondered why we roll diplomas, wear graduation gowns, don (and toss) mortarboard caps, and play Pomp and Circumstance, this article will satisfy your curiosity.

Since the start of the Western university system in the 1200s, many different graduation traditions have taken hold in our American culture. Here are a few fascinating facts about the traditions surrounding a graduation ceremony, most of which we carry even into modern-day homeschool graduations.