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About the Calligraphy Option for Our Diplomas

Hand written calligraphy for the student name is an option on the 8.5" x 11" Personalized, Exclusive, and Gilded Diplomas. (It is not offered on the 6" x 8" diplomas or the Vintage Style diplomas.) There is an additional charge for this option, and it adds two days of production time.


Trying to decide whether or not to choose the hand calligraphy option? It may help to compare the samples:


Computer-generated type, Gothic style.


The same name hand written in calligraphy, above.


Sample of Hand Calligraphy:

So that you can see what the Old English calligraphy looks like, we've invented a page of names (below) using all the letters of the alphabet! This calligraphy is done by hand with a dip pen, a "Brause" nib, and very permanent "Sumi" brand black ink. Because the parchment paper has a slightly rough surface, we recommend our "cream colored stock" if you are selecting calligraphy. Below this sample is a display of the same names in the computer-generated gothic font.



Sample of Computer-Generated Type:

The image below shows the same names in the computer-generated gothic style that matches the school name. (Note: the relative size is not accurate. Both styles are about the same size even though the graphics on this page make the calligraphy look larger.)