High School Caps & Gowns

We are excited to offer a distinctive selection of quality gowns. Whether you choose our satiny "Tribute" fabric or our woven "Matte", your graduate is sure to stand taller in this regalia!

A Good Fit Increases Confidence!

Do You Need a Plus Size?

We recommend the "Plus Size" gowns in 2 situations: (1) If you are over the weight on the chart, or (2) even if your weight is within range, if you have very broad/muscular shoulders, or if your bust, waist or hips measure more than 52".

Caps should be worn flat. Our caps are one-size-fits-all and measure up to 24”. Occasionally a grad needs a larger option. If you need this, please leave us a note in the comments box when you check out.

Diploma Cover with 'Excellence in Homeschooling' Seal stamped in gold foil

Need more detail? Here are the dimensions of our gowns.

Caring for Your Gown

Ironing Care: Placing your gown in the dryer on the lowest heat setting with a damp towel will solve most wrinkles.
If you need to iron your gown use the lowest setting and iron from the inside of the gown for the best results.

Washing Care: Hand wash in cool water and hang to dry.