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Closeout and Overstock

All items in this section are available "While They Last!"

$15.00 $12.50
We have a limited number of these very nice black gowns from a US manufacturer. They are 100% polyester with a lined yoke, overcast seams and...

$6.50 $2.99
We have a number of "odd lot" tassels that we'd like to get rid of! The order form will limit the quantity based on what we have on hand, so...

$6.50 $3.99
We ordered these by mistake, but they are very nice! "Old Gold" is a soft color, more brown than the regular (more orangey) "academic gold....

$6.50 $4.99
We've got some tassels here with a beautiful, deep pink color - more intense than the pink on our usual 'Black & Rose' Tassels, this is a Fuchsia...

$26.70 $18.69
Soft and comfortable, our pre-shrunk, unisex sweatpants have an elastic top and pockets.

REGULARLY PRICED AT $26.70. NOW 30% OFF : $18.69

$32.44 $19.56
A black Hoodie goes anywhere with anything, and ours is a comfortable blend of 50% cotton, 50% polyester. Pair this with our co-ordinating sweatpants for a great combination!

This black long-sleeved 2015 hoodie is a classic! What better way to announce your 'Senior Status?'

REGULARLY PRICED AT $29.20. NOW 33% OFF : $19.56