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Congratulations to Your Seniors!

It's always a delight to see homeschool seniors and graduates with our products. All of us here at offer our sincere congratulations to these teens who have reached the culmination of their many years of homeschooling. They are shown here proudly displaying a diploma, a mortarboard cap and tassel, or a full cap and gown ensemble. Click each image to see more from their proud homeschool mothers.

If you would like to share a photo of your senior with products purchased from, tag us on Facebook or on Twitter @homeschldiploma so we can congratulate both of you!

from Manic Mom

"[] really did allow us to create something special and personalized to cherish for many many years. And when she opened [the diploma], her eyes filled with tears because it was that impressive and meant so much to her.  This really is a special time in a teenager's life. And to have a company like offer quality products and almost everything you need to celebrate your graduate is a blessing."

from As We Walk Along the Road

"The process of ordering through was very simple, and I was pleased with all of the choices I had to customize our diploma. Even though there are so many things to choose from, the site explains well and makes things simple."

from Adventures with Jude

"Luke is coming into the home stretch of his senior year. When I asked him if he wanted to take part in the ceremony that our local homeschool group is presenting, he declined. He didn't want to be the center of attention, and said what he'd really like is simply a cake and to be told he was done for good. We compromised on having a small family dinner. The one thing I was really going to miss about not having an official graduation was the 'conferring of the diploma.' When we named Luke, we threw so many names around, and every name had to pass the 'say it at graduation as he is handed his diploma' test. I'm happy that thanks to, he's still going to have his whole name said and get a diploma at dinner."


A special thank you Maria Kurmlavage from Luminous 5 Photography for allowing us to post the above photo of Jude with our diploma!

from At the Fence

"Having the option of choosing to add the Bible verse and Bible wording made it the perfect choice for our family. "

from The Simple Homemaker

"We are often asked how our kids will get a high school diploma if they don’t go to a real school, and if they don’t go to a real school and don’t get a diploma, how will they ever get a job?! I think this is hilarious, because nobody has ever seen my high school diploma, and I have had more than my fair share of jobs.


It isn’t the diploma you need; it’s the education.


That said, a diploma is a nice–very nice–way to represent a major achievement, in this case, the completion of homeschool high school. True, you can make your own, which was our plan, but I’m off-the-wall happy that we went with this beauty from"

from Super Mommy to the Rescue

"It was not hard to put this diploma together as [the website] took you through the order step by step."

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