Submitting Your Design for Custom Foil Products

(Not sure if your art fits the guidelines below? We have a submission form you can use to send us your art. We'll check its usability and get back to you!)


Only certain types of artwork can be used for foil stamping:


  • Because the foil is a single color, your artwork must be only one color.

  • The BLACK areas of your artwork will be FOIL on the finished product.

  • We cannot use artwork that contains color or shades of grey.

A. NO. -- Color artwork is not acceptable

B. NO. -- "Black and White" artwork is not acceptable if it contains shades of grey

C. YES. -- Black & White ONLY. The black areas will be printed as areas of foil.


About the size of your image:

  • For diploma cover stamping of a custom image, the regular die charge covers a die that is up to 9" square. Larger dies cost more; select the size of your die on the order form.

  • The largest area we normally stamp on a diploma cover is 3" high by 5.5" long.

  • For custom foil images to be printed on paper, such as a diploma crest, there is no size limit.


Details about submitting the electronic artwork:

  • For the best image quality, please begin with a scalable vector image, and save it as a .pdf file. Size the art larger than what the size will be on the diploma cover if it is NOT vector art. 

  • If you're submitting art as an illustrator (.ai) or photoshop (.pds) file. We prefer a .pdf file, but can accept a .ai, .eps, .jpg, .tif or .psd file (the file ending that are bold are prefered).

  • Your artwork must be uploaded or emailed to us as an image file. We cannot accept art that is embedded in a Word document or sent as a screen shot.

  • If it is not vector art, then your artwork should be 300 pixels per inch or higher. For example, a finished stamped image of 3" x 3" would require artwork with 900 pixels by 900 pixels. If your file name ends in .psd, .jpg, or .tif your artwork is NOT vector art.

  • If you are ordering a die for a first-time with us, you should upload your artwork with the order. We'll contact you if the art is not in a usable form.

  • If your art is not in the proper format (see examples above), we may be able to revise it, but there is a small charge for this service.


Pictured at Left:
A finished stamped design, gold foil on a black diploma cover with the black and white art to the right of it. The black areas of the artwork became the foil area on the stamping job.


(Not sure if your art fits the guidelines? We have a submission form you can use to send us your art. We'll check its usability and get back to you!)