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 From Our Customers

What You Told Us About Our Diplomas for Homeschool Graduation

It's rewarding to know that we have a part in your senior's special season, so these testimonials from customers mean the world to us! Hear what these homeschool parents have to say about ordering a diploma from

from Linda

"Customization was simple and the ordering process easy. I was pleased with how quickly the finished diploma arrived."

from Dawn

"Then you open it and WOW! This thing is truly something to appreciate . . I am SO EXCITED to have something SO GORGEOUS to give our son when he graduates!"

from Tasha

"If we are going to talk diplomas, the Exclusive High School Diploma is what I would call the top of the line. With this diploma your school name is arched and shaded at the top, and you are able to add a bible verse or motto. It is professionally printed, and you also get to choose which signature line title that you want. There are 4 wording options to choose from and also 4 engraved seals that you can choose to personalize it even further. It also includes a deluxe padded cover that offers many colors and designs to choose from. If you would like, they can also stamp your student's name in the corner. If you're really wanting to go all out for this special occassion, then you can get hand calligraphy for the student's name, or even the 23kt gold option to highlight one or all initial letters in your school name! With so many options to choose from, it is definitely a great choice for personalizing."

from Kym

"At first, I wondered whether I would be overwhelmed by all the choices available to me, but the ordering process was actually very simple. Each option is offered step-by-step, with suggestions and clear pictures of each choice."

from Debbie

"I was shocked at how quickly the diploma arrived. I ordered it on Sunday and it was at my door on Thursday. Very impressive for a personalized product! We were very happy with the diploma as well. It is truly beautiful—much nicer than my other children's standard diplomas."

from Diana

"Excellent product! And so similar to the one issued by our state, right down to the taffeta interior . . . I'm very pleased!"

from Lisa

"I know the grandparents will love the formality of receiving a full formal invite.


It is very important that our children have some items to remember their schooling years and a physical diploma is truly the crowing jewel of a school career."

from Teresa

"To my relief I didn’t have to come up with the wording myself but I found the wording choice that best described our situation among their options. One of my favorite parts of the diploma is where God is given thanks for his enabling grace which I admit I might not have thought to include, but love that it is."

from Debra

"We are not blessed with a homeschool co-op that does massive graduation ceremonies and handles all those details each year.  We've talked about graduation a bit, but nobody here has been all that excited about putting a big to-do together.  Now that we have a diploma, maybe we do have to actually do something besides just hand it over to him.


Creating a diploma was nowhere near as intimidating as I had feared.  You pick a basic style for your diploma, and then you just start making choices as they are presented to you."

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