The 4 Diploma Wording Options

(offered on all except the "Standard Diploma" and the "Vintage Style" Diplomas)


{#1} State Wording

This text contains a statement that the student has fulfilled the requirements of the school administrators "in accordance with the regulations of the state of..." It can also be ordered with the 'basic' wording of our "Standard Diploma." Click the thumbnail to view.


{#2} College Preparatory Wording

If you have a college-bound student, and academic excellence has been central to the mission of your school, you may want to give a diploma that reflects that fact. The sample reads "College Preparatory Course," but you may substitute the words "Honors Course of Study" if you wish.


{#3} "Thanks to God" Wording

If you look back on the homeschooling journey and recognize the leading of the Lord and the power of His enabling grace, as our family does, you will appreciate the wording of this diploma. It is a testimony to the goodness of God in the life of a graduating son or daughter.


{#4} "Godly Wisdom" Wording

A High School Diploma can mean so much more than the completion of a course of academics. For homeschooling parents, it is also an opportunity to mark their son or daughter's passage to adulthood. The wording of this diploma recognizes maturity and godly wisdom. (Note that a diploma using this wording will not have room for the city and state of the school.)