Here at we are always talking about "Making Graduation Truly Meaningful". Why is that so important to us, and what does it actually mean? In this article I'll give some practical suggestions for a meaningful homeschool graduation - but hopefully also communicate a vision for what a homeschool graduation really can be.

Homeschool parents often focus on the high school transcript since it's so important for college admissions and discount the high school diploma as an optional, unimportant document. But the high school diploma is important and may be necessary for your graduate down the line.

Colleges, employers, and overseas organizations may request to see your teen's diploma, so it's best to create one at the time of homeschool graduation and store it safely until it is needed. 

“How Do I Compile a Transcript?”

A Transcript is an official school report which includes a student's courses, grades, and credits.

We get calls regularly from people who want to know if they can purchase a transcript from us along with their diploma. The answer is "No, we don't sell transcripts." A transcript from your home school/ high school is not something that you buy; it is something that you compile..

Di·plo´·ma: noun.

"A certificate issued to a student by a school, college, or university, indicating graduation or conferring a degree.".

There is nothing mysterious about a diploma issued by a homeschool. As the administrator of your school, you set the requirements for graduation. When you determine that your children have met those requirements, you issue a diploma to certify that fact.