This is a diploma you'll be proud to present to your homeschool student! You've invested so much in their educaiton - shouldn't the document be worth of the accomplishment?

Standard Diploma

As low as $23.99

Standard diploma has a single wording and is easy to order.
  • Quality for the budget-conscious
  • Choose from 3 Embossed seals
  • Presents the critical information in a distinct way
  • Effortless choice - experience the simplicity!

Personalized Diploma

As low as $28.55

Personalized Diploma has 4 wording options and offers a Bible verse or motto in addition to custom signature line titles.
  • Create a unique, beautiful masterpiece
  • Choose an Embossed or Engraved seal to express your values
  • 4 customizable wording options
  • Include a special Motto or Bible Verse
  • Customizable Signature Lines

Gilded Diploma

$51.99 each

Gilded Diploma has 23 karat gold accents, 4 wording options and offers a Bible verse or motto in addition to custom signature line titles.
  • Exquisite presentation with 23kt Gold
  • Gilding highlights the seal and the first letter of the school name
  • Choose from 2 Custom Seal Designs
  • A beautiful, full-sized 8.5x11 document

Diplomas Include a Deluxe Cover

Selections that define excellence every time! Colors, designs, and options to express your school spirit!

The deluxe diploma cover is padded and is stamped with gold foil on the front. It includes gold corner ribbons and acid-free acetate and tissue to protect the document.

Ordering Diplomas is as Easy as 1 - 2 - 3!


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The diplomas we offer for your homeschool or Christian school are of the highest-quality paper and printing methods.

Distinctly Different

We believe your diplomas should reflect the educational excellence of your institution. So we use handsome, thick paper, beautifully-designed seals, and professional printing methods to create a document that will last a lifetime.

Optional Upgrades

  • A fun card-sized “Wallet Diploma”
  • An Archive copy for your files (the anything-can-happen choice!)
  • A Cap, Gown and tassel to help make the day extra-special!
  • Our optional wallet diploma and honors seals are special finishing touches that allow you to express the individuality and accomplishments of your homeschooled student!
    Your graduate will be honored to receive a professionally-printed diploma with an engraved seal!

    Beauty in Simplicity

    Check out the Vintage Diploma, our latest design. Printed in raised ink with Copperplate flourishes and a lovely script font - As low as $28.55