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Distinguished Products

A successful celebration starts with exceptional quality, customization & selection!



The Diploma: Excellence Defined

Each graduate is unique – so our diplomas are too! Let each family create a truly original diploma that reflects the dignity and value of a home education.



The Diploma Cover: Exquisite Presentation

Our padded Diploma Covers make a true statement and preserve the graduate’s document with dignity. As a group you can agree on colors & styles, or let each family choose from 126 distinct options!



The Cap & Gown: Dignity and Delight

Every graduate will stand taller on their big day with superior regalia that speaks to the value of their achievement! With 16 gown options and over 60 tassel colors, we have the distinguished selection you need. You can agree on regalia colors & styles, or let each family choose.



The Announcement: Excitement Shared

A formal occasion calls for a celebrated declaration! Each family can choose a design from our array of options, or we can design an “official” announcement for your group, which graduates can customize and order in the quantity they need.




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