Please note. At this time we aren't able to promise on-time delivery of Class Rings. Typical delivery times have been between 10 and 12 weeks but may be longer.

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The oval stone on this ring sets it apart! The design features cubic zirconia accent stones above and below the oval center stone. Choose any birthstone or specialty stone. The limit for personalization is 4 initials or letters on each side of the stone, and 7 characters above each side design. Shown here with the October birthstone in the Spectrum cut.


We have the best Class Ring warranty you will find anywhere - with no added charge!

The warranty covers resizing, re-antiquing, and replacement or repair of the stone due to normal wear. It also provides a remade ring if graduation year changes.

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The text you give us here will be set in all capital letters
There is no additional charge for engraving inside the ring.
There is no additional charge for engraving!
This item requires 10-12 weeks for production. This does not include shipping time. Please check to verify thay you understand the time frame.

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