Tips for Expediting Your Announcement Order


We offer a RUSH on almost all announcements. The RUSH subtracts 2 days from your order. It is an "item" that you add to your shopping cart. The RUSH is found directly below the "add to cart" button on each announcement order form. Be sure to add the announcement to the cart, and THEN add the RUSH. The note at the top of the shopping cart will tell you the date the order will ship.



Use one of the order forms for our "Most Popular Texts" - these go out a day sooner than an order placed with using "Your Own Text."



If you are composing your own text, review our proofreading guide before submitting the order. It shows the most common errors that we see, and gives instructions for correcting them.

Orders are not submitted for printing until we have resolved any questions we have about your order. For this reason, it is very important that you give us good contact information when you check out, and then check your e-mail and voice mail regularly.
  • Avoid ordering announcements along with items that will slow the order down. For example, an engraved medallion or engraved senior key will make your order take a few days longer than it otherwise would. We cannot RUSH engraving.

  • Check the "When will it ship" tab of other products you are purchasing (or add items to the cart and check the ship date) to see how long they take. If you identify an item on the order that has a production time longer than your announcement, you should consider placing that item as a separate order.

  • We'll be sending an email if we have questions about your text, and if we don't hear back in 24 hours, we will call. You may want to add "" and "" to your email program's list of "allowed domains" and check your junk mail or spam folder regularly.

  • A cell number is very helpful. Be sure to check your voice mail. If you block toll-free numbers on your phone, please realize that we won't be able to reach you by phone.

Don't assume that because you chose a specific level of editing, all is well. You may have left off some important information (like the time) or given us a day/date that don't match (Eg., Friday is the 5th and you gave us a text that says "Saturday the fifth"). Or you may have spelled the student's name one way on the name card and a different way on the return address labels!!  For us, the worst case scenario is a customer that adds a RUSH to an announcement order, but there's a serious problem with the order and we can't reach her because the email bounces and the voicemail box is full!