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 Welcome, Graduation Co-ordinators!

We make it easy to have great-looking grads and relaxed, happy moms!


Our outstanding customer service makes the job of a homeschool graduation coordinator so much easier!


We Make Your Job Easier

Whether you are requesting a tweak to your group's private order form or asking for help in handling a special need, you'll get a real person who listens and knows exactly how to help.

Our products are customized for each of the families in your group.


Exceptional Quality, Customized for Each Family

The diploma is a document your graduates will have for the rest of their lives, so make sure it says "excellence" in a way that represents the uniqueness of each individual home school.

Homeschool Groups and Co-ops get great discounts with any of our ordering methods!


Great Discounts - 3 Ways

You'll get great discounts with any of our 3 ordering methods, and if you choose "Group Ordering from a private page" your families also get site-wide free shipping!

There are 3 Ways to Order:



Group Ordering from a Private page is our most popular option.

"Group Ordering" from a Private Page

We make it easy!

Our most popular option, with great discounts! Families place their own orders from your private page, designing a unique and beautiful diploma for their graduate. Orders are individually bagged and shipped free to your group.

We have volume order forms for diplomas and packages, too.

Use Our Volume
Order Forms

No Deadlines!

If "Group Ordering" doesn't fit your size or time-frame, try this: one person in your group can place a single order for everyone, using our Volume Order Forms. You’ll get built in discounts on packages, diplomas and announcements.

You can use one of our group coupon codes to let each family place their order.

Get a Simple
Coupon Code

DIY Option!

If your group wants the simplest option (minimal decision-making!), call us about getting a coupon code that's good for January, February or March. Each family uses the coupon to place their own order, which ships directly to them.


"I was very impressed -- not only with the final product -- but also with the personal attention given to my order.  When the final product arrived, I was more-than-impressed! It was the nicest diploma I have ever seen, including two from colleges that my daughters attended! " - Rita