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Get a Free Archive Copy with Purchase of Any Regularly Priced Diploma, a $7.50 to $11.95 Value!


"Okay... What's an Archive Diploma?"

The Archive Diploma is a second, identical diploma for your records, without a cover.  We recommend that you sign BOTH copies. Present one to the student, with the cover, and file the archive copy in a safe place.


If you think your student might lose the diploma, it's a great idea to have a copy for your own files. We can create a replacement if the diploma has been sold in the last 5 years, but the archive option provides a big savings, since replacement orders often involve a RUSH and expedited shipping.


  • The Archive Diploma is shipped in a glassine envelope, which is ideal for long-term storage.
  • It is a second copy of your diploma, including the same center seal and paper.
  • If you have ordered an honors seal, the Archive Diploma will have the same honors seal; no additional charge.

"Do I need a Coupon Code to get the Free Archive Diploma?"

No, you don't. When you purchase a diploma (or a package that contains a diploma) from us during this promotion, the order form offers you the Archive Diploma option. Through the date listed on the banner at the top of our site, the price you'll see on the order form is $0.00.  Just select it! 

(If you're a school administrator ordering from the "My Custom Products" section, you can take advantage of this promo by selecting the archive diplomas and then calling us or putting a note in the checkout area, asking us to adjust the pricing.)