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 Homeschool Graduation

Homeschool Graduation Presents for Girls Headed to College

Pick the perfect graduation gift for that special young lady in your life with these suggestions for practical tools for daily use or sentimental memories from home.

If you know a girl graduating from high school, it can be hard to think of gifts she can take with her to college. After all, she’ll likely be sharing a room or a suite with in a dormitory, and there isn't a lot of room for large gifts. Plus you want to give her something practical that will make her life at college more comfortable or efficient. Here are presents that any college-minded, female high school graduate would love. 


Jewelry is always a lovely option to give to girls headed off to college. The jewelry can be everyday items such as a necklace to commemorate her graduation or a class ring. Engraved watches are also popular and useful graduation presents. Jewelry can be engraved. Sometimes girls prefer to see these items engraved with her year of graduation rather than her name. It’s a meaningful reminder of her high school graduation.

There’s also the option of giving beautiful earrings and a matching necklace.  Often girls have an interest in an animal, stone, or design. See if you can find jewelry featuring her interest.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized or monogrammed items are other wonderful presents for graduating girls. My personal favorite was a towel with my name embroidered on it. It was wonderful while I was living in the dorms since it erased any potential misunderstanding about whose towel it was.

You can also personalize pens, umbrellas, water bottles, notebooks, backpacks, and traveling mugs. Think of practical goods that she will will be using nearly daily, and there is probably a way to personalize it with her name or initials.

Items for Dormitory Living

A coffee pot is a handy thing to have in the dormitory. You’ll never know when your high school graduate wants to make coffee or heat water for a cup of tea to enjoy while she studies or socializes with friends. Small refrigerators and microwaves are also useful in the dormitories. They can keep drinks cold, pop popcorn, or heat up a drink for late night study sessions.

Fancy coat hangers for the closet and scents for the room can make the dorm feel more like home as well. Avoid scented candles though. Most dorms do not allow students to burn candles because of the fire danger.

When choosing a graduation gift that can be taken to college, think of practical tools that make life easier or homey gifts that bring a touch of comfort to the campus.


Instead of a costly car, many college students use bicycles to travel around campus and the local community. Supplies for a bike make wonderful and useful high school graduation gifts. Consider giving a tire pump, basket, light, or water bottles. They’ll be handy while biking this next school year.

College Reference Material

While dictionaries and thesaurus are now apps on smartphones, it can be useful to have these items in hard copy on the shelf. Give the graduating senior a dictionary and thesaurus set as a high school graduation present. Another option is to invest in a style manual. These include the correct methods of formatting papers for college classes. 


It’s fun to head off to college with tee-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweatpants from the college you’re attending. These gifts are easy to find online and are enjoyable to give and recommend to family and friends. Your high school graduate will be proud to dress in her college’s colors for games and other activities she attends.

Also consider local tee-shirts and sweatshirts as gifts. Often girls enjoy wearing clothing from their hometown while they’re away at college. Those memories of her favorite restaurant or entertainment venue are a bit of home in a strange place.

Gifts Cards and Money

Gift cards or money is always useful when you’re heading off to college for the first time. There’s the need for quick meals when the cafeteria is shut, pizza party with friends, or excursion off campus. In addition the college freshman will arrive on campus and discover she has a few unexpected things she needs to pick up to survive in the dormitories. Having cash and gift cards on hand helps a lot with these unexpected expenses.

Finding a gift can be difficult, but it’s possible. With a bit of thought you can find the perfect high school graduation present to give a girl heading off to college.


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