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Honor Excellence with a Classic

Cap & Gown

Save $4.00 on a Cap, Gown and Tassel when you add them to your Diploma order!

Each Diploma Order Form includes the option to add a Cap & Gown for this package discount.


Honor Excellence with a Cap & Gown set. Save 10% on your cap and gown when ordered with a diploma!

Our Caps & Gowns


The Tribute Style Cap & Gown is a heavy, shimmery fabric that drapes nicely. It is stocked in 8 colors and 11 sizes.

Tribute Cap & Gown Sets: Stocked in 8 colors and 11 sizes

Our Tribute gowns have a shiny finish. They are  made from a satiny tricot knit fabric, which makes them comfortable to wear. The knit is a substantial fabric; it's not overly stretchy, but the weight makes it drape very nicely.

The Matte cap & gown is a heavy, collegiate quality set that is very opaque.

Matte Cap & Gown Sets: Stocked in 8 colors and 11 sizes

Our Matte graduation gowns are made of a heavy 100% woven polyester fabric with a non-shiny finish.  The fabric is very opaque. Matte fabric gowns have been gaining in popularity because they look so good in flash photos.



Customer Reviews

We love our happy customers!
"The quality of the cap and gown is exceptional. I expected the typical, flimsy gown, but this one is super nice! The fabric is thicker, the color is richer, and the quality is excellent!" - Olivia Miller


"If you are looking for a cap and gown that is of great quality, this is the one to get. I have to admit when I got the order I was a little jealous because my college cap and gown was not this nice!" - Kristi Eskelund


"Wow!  So impressed with this product. I didn't know there was a better alternative to what I had been ordering from a different company. The fabric is beautiful and the workmanship is high quality." Carol Grace