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Is a homeschool diploma valid? Will Colleges, Military, etc. accept it?

A homeschool diploma is valid as long as it is issued in accordance with state law. The diploma must be issued and signed by a legitimate, legal school or home school. Unless dictated by state law, the wording of the diploma does not need to follow a specific pattern - but at a minimum it should include the name of the school or homeschool, the student's name, the graduation date, and a statement that the student has met the school's requirements for graduation. Finally, it should be signed by the administrators of the school - in a homeschool, this is normally the parent(s).


Who can legally issue a diploma? Can I order a diploma for myself?

We sell diplomas only to administrators of legally-established schools. This includes homeschooling parents who are in compliance with the laws of their state. We do not sell diplomas directly to students. Read above Q&A about valid diplomas.


Who should sign the diploma?

Diplomas should be signed by the school administrators. For homeschoolers, this is normally the parent(s). For "brick & mortar" schools it is typically the Principal, Board Member, or even a Teacher. Read first Q&A for more informaion.


Diploma Design

How do I name my homeschool?

There are lots of options for home school names! Here are a few suggestions:

  • Include your Last Name - e.g. “Milligan Family Home School”
  • Use a nearby natural feature - e.g. "Willow Creek Christian Academy"
  • Name in Honor or Memory - e.g. "Otto Schraeder Memorial High School"

More ideas and suggestions are here.  


How can I be sure all my children's diplomas match?

Call us - 877-466-2563! We usually can find your previous orders and use the info to create a new order with all the same options.


What’s the difference between “Embossed” and “Engraved” seals?

Our embossed seals have raised designs that are stamped into gold foil and then applied to the diploma. The engraved seals have incredibly crisp detail and are created directly into the paper using foil-stamping and engraving techniques.


Is there a way to distinguish that my student is graduating with honors?

Yes, in fact, there are several ways! Wording #2 on the Personalized and Gilded diplomas reflects academic excellence.  You may also add an honors seal to the lower left hand corner of the diploma.  Additionally, we offer honor cords, honor stoles, honor graduate medals and pins.


How do I know which honor seal to choose?

Honors distinction is usually determined by the student's GPA. Here are two common systems.


I like a certain wording choice, but I need to tweak it!  Is that possible?

We can make small changes to the wording on the Personalized and Gilded Diplomas. Just leave us a note in the message box when you are checking out explaining what you want changed!



I need my diploma tomorrow! Can you do that?

We do this often! Call us right away at 877-466-2563. If it can be done, you'll need to pay a rush charge and overnight shipping.  We can also fax or email you a copy for an additional charge.


What if my grad loses their diploma?

It does happen! We can replace the diploma for a small fee - but the best strategy is to buy an "archive copy" along with your diploma, so you already have an extra copy filed away.


What’s your return policy on diplomas?

Personalized items are not returnable.  However, we guarantee that we will fill your order correctly, and we’ll replace it at no cost to you if we make a mistake.


What happened to the “Exclusive Diploma”?

We have combined the Personalized and Exclusive Diplomas into one product, since the only difference between them was the seal. So the Exclusive Diploma is still available, as a Personalized Diploma with an engraved seal.




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