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 Homeschool Graduation

10 Tips for an Awesome High School Graduation Photo

Pick and choose to create an entire porfolio of graduation images: photos in cap and gown, photos in formal and casual attire, photos with friends and family, and photos that symbolize passions or future plans. 

While almost everyone gets a high school graduation photo, there is no reason for your teen’s portraits to look like everyone else’s! Here are ten ideas to ensure your teen's graduation photo is delightful, meaningful, and unique.

1. Wear the Cap and Gown

If you can, order the high school graduation cap and gown early. You can get lovely photos of your child in formal attire to hang on the wall, send with your graduation announcements, or include inside invitations. Remember that as homeschoolers, since you’re not part of a school you can choose the colors of your high school graduation gown and tassel. Consider the traditional black gown, a gown in your teenager’s favorite color, or a gown in a flattering color for your child.

2. Dress Formally

In addition to wearing the graduation cap and gown for the graduation photos, have your child dress formally for a few pictures. These are wonderful photos to have on hand to send to family in other states. Photographs of your child dressed formally also look wonderful hanging on the living room wall.

3. Choose a Favorite Outfit

Or if you prefer to avoid a formal outfit for the high school graduation photos, you can go the casual route. Pick out one of your child’s favorite outfits. Of course you’ll want to make certain it’s cleaned and pressed, but what’s a better way to remember high school than having a picture of your teenager in their favorite clothing?

4. Get Outside the Studio

While the studio can be a wonderful place to take formal photographs because the lighting and setting can be controlled, you’re not limited to a portrait studio. High school graduation photos can be taken in other settings as well. There may be a favorite family picnic or hiking location you and your child love. There’s no reason not to head there for the photo shoot instead of a studio.

5. Symbolize Future Plans

Include items or locations in the high school photograph that symbolize future plans. Think about what may signify your child’s future occupation. A child who wants to be a writer can be photographed with pens and books. A teenager who wishes to go into medicine might hang a stethoscope around the neck. A teenager who’s considering being a scientist or researcher might wear a lab coat.

 You made this homeschool journey as a family. What better way to commemorate it than through family portraits with your teen in cap and gown?

6. Reflect High School Passions

What has your graduating senior been passionate about during the high school years? Perhaps it’s been football, cheerleading, or basketball. Include a football, pom-poms, or a basketball in the graduating photos. Has music, art, or drama been a large part of your teenager’s life? Take your high school graduating pictures with instruments, drawing supplies, or a favorite costume. High school graduation photos can help memorialize these fun high school years.

7. Pose with a Book

There are some wonderful high school graduation photos of teenagers reading a book. Sometimes these are taken on a dock or at a park. Other times you see the teenager curled up in a chair. They’re beautiful pictures of teenagers reading and studying their way through high school and college. The book could even be something meaningful to your teen -- a favorite novel, a book of profound philosophy, or even the Bible.

8. Take a Group Shot with Friends

There’s no reason high school graduation photographs need to be shot solo. Consider booking a photoshoot with your child’s best high school buddies, and ask your photographer to take a few formal shots of your teenager with her friends. After graduation, everyone tends to head separate directions. With group shots, you and your child have captured these memories for years to come.

9. Pose with Family

By the same token, you’ll want to have pictures taken with the family. And what is more appropriate for a homeschooled graduate than to include photos of the entire family? Bring the family to the photo shoot and have a few family portraits shot as well. Include pictures of your teenager in the cap and gown, posing with the proud parents. Don’t forget to have pictures taken of your graduating teenager with his or her siblings, too.

10. Ask Your Teen

Ask your teenager if they’ve thought about what type of pictures they’d like taken for their high school graduation photo. Would they like pictures taken of high school passions or hobbies? Perhaps there’s an accomplishment they’re extremely proud of and would like to memorialize. Your teen probably has some unique ideas of his own that he’d love to express in his graduation portraits.

High school graduation photographs aren’t only for hanging on the wall; they’re also a way to memorialize high school and to show future plans. Put a bit of thought into what you’d like hung on your wall in the future before you head down to the studio or hire that photographer.

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