Diplomas & Transcripts

High School Transcripts for Homeschools

A Transcript is an official school report which includes a student's courses, grades, and credits.

We get calls regularly from people who want to know if they can purchase a transcript from us along with their diploma. The answer is "No, we don't sell transcripts."

A transcript from your home school / high school is not something that you buy; it is something that you compile. We have no way to know what courses your student has completed, or what grades to assign them. (The only places we know of that will "sell" a completed transcript without either being involved in the education of your student or providing in-depth consultation are those which also sell F*A*K*E* university degrees!)

How Important is it to Compile a Transcript for Your Homeschooled Student?

It is VERY important, especially if they ever plan to continue their education at a college or university. The diploma is simply a certificate stating that the student has fulfilled the requirements of the school. It represents the successful completion of your school's course of study. The transcript is "evidence" that backs up the diploma and gives the specifics of what the student's education has included. Only the person overseeing the student's education can accurately compile the transcript.

“The transcript is "evidence" that backs up the diploma."

There are a number of services which can provide direction and help for the process, walking you through the steps and providing help with formatting the actual transcript so that all of the necessary information is in the right place. See the list of links below for help with the transcript process.

Are You Keeping Good Records?

Compiling a transcript is ideally done one semester or one year at a time as your student finishes each grade of High School, but if you have kept good records, it will not be difficult to compile it once they have finished. It is a good idea to create a transcript even if your child does not plan to go to college. There is no time like the present. It is far easier to put together a transcript now than it will be at any point in the future! The thought of being faced with trying to compile a transcript after a few years have passed should inspire any parent to keep up with the chore!

"There is no time like the present. It is far easier to put together a transcript now than it will be at any point in the future!"

What is a Transcript Embosser?

Many people use an embosser with their school's seal on it to "seal" the transcript. Some colleges require that the transcript be notarized, others require that it have the school's seal on it. Before submitting a transcript to a college, you may want to ask the admissions office exactly what they are looking for. If necessary, you can have an embosser made for your school.

We've Put Together a Few Helpful Links to Get You Started:

1. Recommended Book: "The Home Scholar Total Transcript Solution" By Lee Binz, The HomeScholar. Lee is a homeschool consultant who has video and audio courses designed to empower families to homeschool through High School, and her e-book on transcripts will take the fear out of making a transcript for your homeschooled student. The book is 109 pages long and comes with FREE templates in Word and Excel that will allow you to choose the style for your transcript. One of the best things about this book is that It also comes with one month of free weekly phone consultations so you can finish your transcript quickly and skillfully.

2. Editable Transcript Form: This web page, from Covenant College, has a link to a homeschool transcript that may be very helpful if you are looking for some help with a "do-it-yourself" format. Scroll down the page about halfway and you'll see a link under "Home School Transcripts" that offers an editable form and a printable version. Thanks to one of our customers for sending us this useful link! (Note: Homeschool Diploma.com is not affiliated with Covenant College in any way. We provide this link for your information.)

3. A Transcript Primer: Again, from the Covenant College web site, this is a pdf file that answers a lot of the basic questions for those preparing a transcript for a homeschooled student's college admission process.

4. This article from Inge Cannon at Homeschool Plus covers 12 mistakes made by parents when putting together a homeschool transcript. She calls them "Transcript Transgressions." This is great information, and there is more of it, on HomeschoolTranscripts.com

The most important thing we can tell you about creating your student's homeschool transcript is this: "Don't procrastinate!"