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 Homeschool Graduation

7 Reasons to Buy Your Homeschooled Teenager a Class Ring

Class rings aren't only for public school students. Homeschoolers can order a custom ring too and have it personalized with their particular interests and year of graduation. Here are seven reasons to buy your homeschooled teen a class ring.


he tradition of purchasing a class ring began in 1835 with the United State’s West Point Academy. The first rings were plain but have become more elaborate through the years, to represent school mascots and student involvement on campus. Students these days have a variety of choices between different metals, stones, and shank designs.

Why would you buy your homeschooled teenager a class ring? Here are seven reasons that even a class of one may want a class ring.

1. A Homeschool Class Ring is a Keepsake

Class rings are a beautiful keepsake which your child will cherish through the years. Many people wear the rings for several years before carefully storing the ring in a jewelry box. Your child will open the jewelry box, see the ring, and remember the high school season fondly in years to come. Others wear the class ring for the rest of their lives. Either way, it’s an heirloom your child will always treasure.

2. A Homeschool Class Ring is a Gift which Lasts for Years

A class ring is a gift to your child which will last for years. The rings are well made, and the workmanship is fabulous. If the ring is damaged, it can be repaired. Often the company will even resize the ring if needed. You can count on a quality class ring to last and look beautiful for years to come.

3. A Homeschool Class Ring is a Reflection of Your Teen

With all the different styles, stones, shanks, and metals to choose from, the ring becomes a reflection of your teen. You can choose a simple style for the shank (side of the ring) or one that symbolizes your activities during high school. A special stone can be chose with the metal of your choice. Do you prefer valerium, yellow-gold, or silver? You can take your pick. A short personalized motto can also be engraved upon the ring to keep with you always. The result is a personalized, homeschool class ring which reflects your child’s high school years.

Yes, homeschoolers can order a custom class ring just like students from public schools!

4. A Homeschool Class Ring Can be Purchased Early

Most high schools offer seniors or juniors the option to purchase a class ring. Think about purchasing a class ring for your child during their sophomore year. If you purchase the ring early, your teenager will be able to wear the ring throughout high school. It will remind your teenager why he or she is working so hard to graduate from high school. In addition if your teenager is able to graduate early or needs an additional year, there’s a warranty to change the graduation year. There’s no risk involved in ordering the class ring early.

5. A Homeschool Class Ring Holds Stories

The class ring carries stories with it. These are the stories of high school classes, friends, and events. Maybe it’s a short trip with the orchestra to a neighboring town. Maybe it’s a memory of an afternoon baking with a friend for a fund raiser. Perhaps it’s the mission trip your teenager took to South America. The class ring carries these memories with it. It will remind your teenager over the years of the fun they had in high school. It will carry the stories of high school, friendship, and fun through the years.

6. A Homeschool Class Ring is a Conversation Starter

The class ring is a also conversation starter, especially if it’s personalized. It will stand out, be unique, and draw people to ask about the ring and your teenager’s high school years. The class ring will start conversations in strange places.

7. A Homeschool Class Ring Symbolizes the End of a Journey

High school is over at graduation, and the class ring symbolizes the end of the high school journey. It’s a sign of something accomplished -- a goal set and achieved. Like the diploma, it’s a permanent sign of an important accomplishment in your child’s life.

High school rings are not just for students of brick and mortar schools. They also have a place in the life of a homeschool student. Don’t skip giving your teenager a class ring just because you are a homeschool family. It will turn into a cherished heirloom over the years.

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