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 Homeschool Graduation

Where to Have a Homeschool Graduation Ceremony

Good locations fill up quickly each spring, so start inquiring about your homeschool graduation location as early as January of your teen's graduation year.

When you’re planning a homeschool graduation ceremony, an important decision is where to hold the event. Your chosen location impacts both the cost and the number of people who will be able to attend as well as other practical considerations for your event. Here are some options for homeschool graduation locations.

Homeschool Graduation at Your Home

Having the graduation ceremony at your house has the distinct advantage of being the simplest and least expensive option available. You don’t need to worry about reserving the location in advance, having a misunderstanding about the date, or guests getting lost. 

Most homes can only fit a small number of people for a graduation ceremony.  Whether you’ll be using the living room or the yard, you’ll need to consider how many people you can accommodate. Do you have enough chairs to seat everyone? Will there be enough parking in the neighborhood for all the attendees?

Having a ceremony at home affords a casual setting that will put your graduating teen and family members at ease. This informal atmosphere is appropriate since you are bringing to a close an education that was forged in that very home environment.

If any of the below options fall through, having a ceremony at home is a good plan B.

Homeschool Graduation in a Local Park

The weather in May and June tends to be pleasant around the country, so hosting the graduation ceremony at a local park may be the perfect option. You’ll need to reserve the park in advance, but public parks are usually fairly inexpensive to reserve, making them an economical option for a large gathering.

Parks are wonderful places to reserve as they can host a large number of people, and you don’t need to worry about a detailed clean-up after the ceremony has ended.

However parks are weather dependent. You may find yourself hurrying through a ceremony in the rain.

Also consider how you will seat people. Will you be putting out fold-up chairs for attendees to sit, or will be people be bringing their own blankets are chairs? If it’s the latter, you may want to include a note in the announcements to advise people to bring chairs or blankets to sit on.

Reserve the park well in advance of your graduation date. There are quite a few events such as weddings, birthdays, and graduation parties happening in the late spring which cause parks to fill up fast. You may need to adjust the date of your graduation ceremony in order to use the park of your choice.

Homeschool Graduation at a Church

Churches often allow people to use their facilities for various events, and members usually receive priority when scheduling. If your family is a member of a specific church, ask if you can use one of the rooms or halls for a homeschool graduation ceremony.

If your family isn’t a member of a specific church, you can call around to find out which churches are willing to rent a room for your graduation.

Reserve your location early. As I mentioned earlier, there are many special occasions which occur in May and June. Good locations fill up quickly, so start inquiring as early as January of your teen's graduation year.

While you may need to compromise on the idea date for your homeschool graduation ceremony, you won’t need to worry about seating or weather. Churches usually have more than enough chairs for everyone to sit.

Churches also give a more formal environment than a park or home which heightens the formality of the graduation ceremony. In addition there is probably a sound system and a piano available for you to use during your graduation ceremony, giving you the option of music.

At a Rented Venue

Beyond hosting your homeschool graduation ceremony at a church, park, or your home, there’s the option of finding a venue to rent. My suggestion is to look under wedding locations for your geographic area. You should find a comprehensive list of the venue options available.

This is likely to be the most expensive option of the four I’ve mentioned. The cost will vary greatly between the various locations, so call around to find the best option for your family’s homeschool graduation.

When looking for a facility to rent for a homeschool graduation, search for wedding venues in your area.

Be certain to ask how many people can be seated at each location. Some can hold hundreds of people while others can only fit a couple dozen. Find one which fits both the number of attendees you expect and your budget.

You’ll likely need to compromise on the date and will need to make your reservations early. These venues will fill quickly in the spring. However you won’t need to worry about seating arrangements or the weather for the ceremony.

Give yourself plenty of time to begin planning your homeschool graduation ceremony. You’ll need the time to find the perfect location for the ceremony and to ensure you’re able to reserve the location on the date you’d like the ceremony to occur.

With a bit of planning and research, you can find the perfect location for your teenager’s homeschool graduation ceremony.

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