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 Homeschool Graduation

Ten Homeschool Graduation Party Themes Your Teenager Will Love

It's time to plan the graduation celebration! Choosing a theme can unify the party planning and reflect your senior's interests, future plans, or personality. Take the theme as far as your want down to food and music choices, but remember not to let the theme detract from the fun of this special day.

Your graduation party doesn’t require a theme, but some families thrive on the fun of making all the details of a party work towards a single motif. Your theme can be something meaningful to the graduate or can be something wacky that appeals to your family. Your chosen theme can be used for everything from invitations to decor and from food to music. Or you can let your theme inspire only the decorations. It’s up to you! If you want your guests to join in with costumes, be sure to let them know the theme ahead of time. Otherwise, your theme can be a surprise. 

Like all things related to homeschool graduation, advance planning is the key. Start mapping out your party plan months ahead with a guest list, venue reservation, menu planning, and choosing a theme. Then you will have time to collect decorations or make them if you are taking a DIY approach.

Some fun party ideas that work with any theme below:

  • Create a hashtag and encourage your guests to use it when they share about your party on social media.
  • Instead of a typical appetizer menu, make a party bar where guests assemble their own foods from a base and a selection of toppings. Some popular party bar ideas are taco bar, baked potato bar, macaroni and cheese bar, caramel apple bar, and waffle bar.
  • Set up a photobooth with props that suit your theme.

1. Adventure or Travel Theme

This theme is perfect for the homeschool graduate who has wanderlust or is about to have a long-distance gap year adventure. Use maps, globes, and old fashioned suitcases in your decorating. Use pages from old road atlases to make table runners, banners, paper flowers, and placemats. Let guests write notes of encouragement directly on a vintage globe for an interactive experience that leaves the graduate with a special memento.

2. Candy Theme

With a candy themed party, you can choose to add on the traditional cake and appetizers or skip them in favor for a pure sugar rush of sweets. Arrange the candies in clear serving containers of various heights. Use labels if needed to distinguish them or to simply convey a cute meaning. For example, a tureen of gummy worms can be labeled bookworms. Some candies fit in perfectly with a graduation theme because of the meanings of their names: Smarties, Nerds, and even Dum Dums.

3. Traditional Cap and Gown Theme

If you are holding a more formal celebration, stick with a traditional graduation theme of black and white. Add on one accent color such as red, purple, gold, or royal blue. Serve a few graduation foods shaped like mortar boards and rolled up diplomas among the more typical party foods.

4. College Spirit Theme

If the graduate has already chosen a college, then let your graduation party be a huge send-off! Use school colors and university pennants to decorate. Tell your guests to wear school spirit, too!

5. Hawaiian Luau Theme

Line the backyard with tiki torches, don grass skirts, and give each guest a flower lei. It may be a predictable party theme, but playing Limbo never gets old!

Set up a photobooth with props that suit your theme.

6. Great Books Theme

This party theme is perfect for the avid reader or aspiring novelist. Decorate with stacks of vintage books, an old typewriter, glasses, smoking pipes, teacups and saucers. Use pages torn from old books to make flowers, wreaths, pennants, and table runners.

7. Sports Theme

An athletic theme is perfect if the graduate is going to college on a sports scholarship. Use sports equipment to decorate. Set up the refreshments like a concession stand -- minus the prices, of course!

8. Country Western Theme

Have a hoedown with a traditional backyard barbeque menu. Dressing in western attire with boots and hats makes the event more fun. Decorate with bandanas and gingham. Use your graduate’s senior portrait to create wanted posters, and end the party with line dancing.

9. Era Theme

Choose your graduate’s favorite era for a party set in the roaring 20s, the punk rock neon 80s, the hippy 60s, or the vintage 50s. This kind of party is perfect for dressing up, and even the grandparents, aunts, and uncles will probably join in the fun.

10. Sci Fi Theme

Get your geek on with a science fiction themed graduation party. Dressing up works well for this party theme, and a graduation robe may just double as a Jedi cloak! Have your favorite sci fi movies playing in the background instead of music and hold a trivia contest to see who is the biggest geek.

There is truly no limit to the different themes you can have for a high school graduation party. The key is to keep it manageable for you so that you can enjoy this special season of transition while you create positive memories for your teenager.

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