Homeschool Graduation

7 Reasons to Take a Homeschool Graduation Portrait

The reasons a homeschooler gets a senior portrait are not very different from any other graduating high schooler. Although we homeschoolers tend to question the norms of typical educational custom, both you and your homeschooled teen will cherish the senior portrait. Don’t skip it.

Everyone has seen the graduation photos that pop up in the spring. High school seniors all over the county have a photo shoot of themselves outdoors or in a studio. Although we homeschoolers tend to skip many public school traditions, a formal high school graduation portrait is not one to skip. Here are seven reasons to give your graduating teen a high school graduation portrait.

1. High School Memories

Some high school graduation portraits include activities and events that are important to our high school student. These may be playing sports, playing music, drama classes, mission trips, or other passions. High school graduation photos memorialize these events for the future. High school graduation photos give us a glimpse into who our child was as a high school teenager. After all, we all know life changes rather dramatically after high school as our children enter the adult world. While enjoying the adults our kids become, it’s also wise to remember the children they were.

2. Family Keepsake

These photographs become a family keepsake in the years to come. Often we’re so busy it has been awhile since we shot a good picture of our teens. It’s nice to have one as they’re entering adulthood. Have you ever taken a look at old family portraits? It’s fun to compare high school graduation photos of your teenage son with those of your husband, your father, or your grandfather. The same applies to daughters. I have a picture of my great-great-great-grandmother. It’s fascinating to see how much my daughter looks like this woman who lived in the nineteenth century.

3. Announcements

Graduation portraits can turn generic graduation announcements into something special and personal. It’s not simply another graduation card off the rack at the store; it’s a picture of your child. It’s a keepsake to be placed into a scrapbook or photo album. The senior photograph is also a picture that shows extended family and friends how much your child has grown. It’s a preview of the adult they’re maturing into. Most people prefer announcements which include graduation photographs of the graduate, and they are not likely to be discarded!

4. Leaving the House

After high school graduation, children gradually leave the house. It may not happen immediately, but gradually the kids head out the door for college, jobs, internships, and other opportunities. As we’re watching our kids leaving for their new adventure, it soothes our empty nest syndrome to have their senior photograph hanging on our walls.

Most people prefer announcements which include graduation photographs of the graduate, and they are not likely to be discarded!

5.  A Great Current Picture

As the kids get busy in high school and go through the teenage pain and angst, it gets harder and harder to get pictures of our kids. My kids have ducked to avoid pictures or simply been out of the house with an activity of friend when I pull out the camera. They’re off playing sports, enjoying activities, babysitting, working a job, studying, or enjoying time with their friends. High school graduation photos give us a current picture to have of our child. It’s one they actually have to prepare for and pose for.

6. Milestone

Graduation from high school, whether you’re a homeschool student or a public school student, is a milestone in our children’s lives. A graduation photo commemorates this important milestone with a picture we can hang on the wall and share with family. Start a

7. Tradition

As your oldest children graduates from high school, it’s useful to think about what traditions you’d like to start. For example, each of my siblings and I had a graduation portrait made. Mom and Dad choose their favorite and had them nicely framed and draped our graduation tassel across the corner of the frame. Anyone walking into the house immediately saw our senior portraits and our graduation tassels. It made us feel special that our parents gave us a place of honor in the hallway. 

These are seven of the many reasons you need high school graduation photographs of your graduation seniors. Go ahead and get the photographs. You’ll never have another opportunity to do so.

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