Hope & a Future Photo Announcement: Two-Sided


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  • Photo Size: The main photo size (for the front) is 2.8" wide x 3.9" high when printed. Your photo for the front of this card must be at least 840 pixels wide and 1170 pixels high. The two smaller photos for the back are 1.2" wide x 1.4" high.  These photos must be 360 pixels wide x 420 pixels high. If you have questions about the size or format of your photo, or want to know how to check the dimensions of your image, see this page.
  • This is a flat greeting card with square corners, which is digitally printed in full color on both sides. It is more substantial than the single-sided "photo-print" cards. The standard stock included with this card is a semi-gloss card stock, .24mm thick, and there are a number of optional upgrades to the finishes and the stock.
  • Card measures 5" x 7" and includes single envelopes in white or parchment. If desired, you may upgrade to lined, linen or "Craft" envelopes
  • The cards are sold in multiples of 25

  • The text shown is a suggestion; you may edit it, compose your own, or type in one of our suggested texts.

Please read the "Our Service" and "About Photo Colors" tabs above.


Our Service:

  • We will read through your text and check for day/date agreement and we'll look for spelling errors on words other than proper nouns. If we find a spelling error we will correct it. If we find a disagreement between your day and date, we'll contact you, and that will hold up the order. We DO NOT correct spelling on proper nouns, though, so we ask you to check carefully before submitting the order.

  • We proofread all texts. It is important to us that what you send does not embarrass you! However, because you are able to view the finished layout on the screen, and because photo announcements are less formal than those in the other sections of our site, we do not proof these to "social standards" as we would a formal announcement or wedding invitation. If it's important to you that the text be as "socially correct" as it would be on a formal announcement, we have guidelines to help with your composition.

  • We have an etiquette page in case you have questions about addressing envelopes or are wondering when to send out your announcements

  • Be sure to order enough! If you need extras later on, the price of the re-order is still subject to a minimum of 25. If we are reprinting the exact item again, we do give a 20% discount on re-orders, but you will save a LOT by ordering enough on your first order!  If you'd like guidance in determining the quantity to order, check our page of ordering tips for some helpful ideas.

Our "Using the Card Designer" banner at the top of the page gives information about how the Card Designer works.

In addition, there are a few things about this particular order form that might be helpful to know:

  1. This card comes in several color options. Look on the right side, just below the price, and you'll see the option called "Choose the Card Color."

  2. The SSP font is intended for the text. We recommend that you leave the text in this font becuase it is very readable on the dark backgrounds.
  3. Unless your name is very short, the SSP font is too large for the student name area. On this card, we recommend that you use the fonts as shown.

What you should know about color on the photo announcements:

1. If you are giving us a photo you took yourself or have edited yourself:

  • Be aware that your perception of the colors in that photo are influenced completely by the screen you're viewing it with.
  • Without a monitor that is color calibrated, colors can appear overly dark (causing you to edit and make them washed out) or overly light.
  • Without a monitor that is color calibrated, colors can be tinted toward a particular color, causing you to edit the opposite direction. (For example, if the images look green on your screen and you try to adjust for that, the photos will print with a purple cast.)
  • What this means is that if you edit your photos on an uncalibrated monitor, the results can be unpredictable. You may get a sense of what they really look like by viewing on a wide variety of monitors, but even that is not a guarantee.

2. If you are giving us a photo that was taken by a professional photographer:

  • First, make sure you have written permission to use the photo. We require this.
  • Understand that they use a tool to calibrate their monitor so that the colors seen on their screen are in sync with the exact colors used in the printing process.
  • When you get permission to use the image, for ideal results, ask them to color-calibrate the image to a neutral setting, using sRGB.

3. The perception of color can be somewhat subjective...

  • We have color-calibrated monitors, so we have a fairly accurate idea of what your photos will look like in print.
  • If you give us a photo that we feel will look bad, we'll call you. However... we have no way to "show you" anything different because of the fact that your monitor is not calibrated!
  • However, because what "looks good" or "looks bad" is a judgment call (it's subjective!) we can't guarantee the colors.
  • The only way to get perfect color match is to buy the calibration tool and learn to use it correctly, or have photos taken and then purchase your announcements through a professional.

With that said....

  • Most digital cameras, cell phones and tablets these days take pretty decent photos
  • If your device takes good photos and you don't overly edit them, you're likely to get a very nice card. We use a very high quality digital printer, and while the color may not be a perfect match to "reality," we think most people will be very happy with the quality and color.



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  • We guarantee that this item will be produced according to the information provided on the order. If we make an error, we will remake it for you as soon as possible.