Homeschool Graduation

Ideas for Your Homeschool Graduation

How will your family celebrate?

There are as many styles of graduations as there are families! We hear from many people who say "my son (or daughter) does not want to participate in a ceremony. What can I do?" It is important to mark the accomplishment in some way, both for the student and for their family and friends.

Christian homeschooling parents will want to bring closure to the years of home schooling in a way that recognizes the unique accomplishments of their children and brings honor to the Lord for his work in their lives, but will also want to respect the wishes of their young adult. A traditional "cap and gown" ceremony may delight one student and dismay another!

To help you find ideas about how your family will celebrate this important event, we've put together a short collection of articles that we think you will find helpful.

We hope you'll be inspired to find a way to make this a special time for your graduate, one that they will remember for a lifetime, and that could even have an eternal impact on your circle of family, friends and acquaintances.

1. Check out this page at Homeschool -- it's a discussion about ways to make your homeschool graduation a special event.
Ideas to Make Graduation Special

2. Karen Ray blogs at the Home Educating Family Association Web site. Her article has some great ideas, including a pot-luck with each graduate bringing their favorite dessert!

How to Plan a Homeschool Graduation Ceremony