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There’s no reason your homeschooled high school teenagers can’t enjoy a prom with their friends. With a bit of planning it will be a huge success that will be enjoyed by teens and parents alike.

In the minds of many, the high school prom is a treasured American tradition. It can be one of the first questions parents are asked when announcing the decision to homeschool through high school: “If you homeschool, how will your child go to prom?”

Make the final year of homeschool a special one with these meaningful gift and activity ideas.

Whether you homeschooled your child from Kindergarten to twelfth grade or only started homeschooling a few years ago, you still want the senior year -- maybe that last year at home -- to be special.

Nothing really prepared me for the empty house my husband and I returned to after we helped our youngest move into his dorm a month ago.

Do you ever wonder what it will be like to be done homeschooling?

The question might have crossed my mind a couple of times over the last 15 or 16 years, but I never dwelt on it -- I didn't have time!  My life was crammed with the "side-effects" of homeschooling -- musical instruments, field guides, insect pins, cookbooks, tools of every imaginable kind, shelves of wonderful children's fiction, trips to theatre rehearsals and music lessons, and occasional algebra problems.