Lettering Styles



There are also notes at the bottom of this page about the fonts.



A few notes about the fonts:

What's most popular?

The answer is that CHA has led the popularity contest for years, with AMZ and SRH close behind. All three are beautiful and very appropriate fonts for graduation. With the recent addition of some new fonts in our collection, we are finding that GTV, PBL and ROC are challenging the old favorites for a place near the top of the list!

Notice that LCR and FND are very broad.

If your text just barely fits on the order form and you have chosen one of these broader fonts, it's possible that we may have to decrease the font size to make it fit. We'll contact you if we feel the font is not a good choice for the card.


 - Each font has its own personality and some can be a little quirky! We put a note on PHT because the lower case "h" can look like a "b."

 - GAB and FND are both beautiful, calligraphic fonts, but you'll notice that their numerals follow the tradition of falling below (or rising above) the baseline. You'll find the numerals 3, 5, 7 and 9 with descenders and some of the other numerals with ascenders.

 - If your student's name has a capital "Z" in it, note that this letter can be difficult to distinguish in some of the script fonts like PBL or SHA. We suggest that you look at the sample texts for the font you choose, and pick out the capital letters of the proper names in your text to be sure that you like the way they look.

Most people don't mind the quirks, but if you're unsure, order a proof at the time you place your announcement order, and we'll be happy to switch the font for you if you aren't happy with your original selection.