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 Homeschool Graduation

6 Meaningful Christian Graduation Gifts

Give your graduating high schooler a gift that reflects faith in Jesus and will draw your young adult to meditate on God's goodness daily.

Giving a meaningful gift that encourages your son or daughter in their Christian faith is especially welcome during this time of major life transition for both of you.

As our teenagers are graduating from high school, we want to offer a graduation gift that goes beyond the practical necessities of outfitting a dorm room. We want something symbolic or significant. Giving a meaningful gift that encourages your son or daughter in their Christian faith is especially welcome during this time of major life transition for both of you. Celebrate your child’s faith while you commemorate this milestone with these six meaningful graduation gift ideas.

1. Bible

Although this may seem like a cliché gift choice, the Bible makes a wonderful graduation gift for a homeschool graduate. Your son or daughter probably has a favorite Bible, but they may really appreciate having a different translation, or a parallel Bible that has a number of translations side by side, including their favorite.  If your high school graduate will be doing a lot of traveling, give them a portable Bible or New Testament which can easily packed in a suitcase or backpack. .

If they don’t already have one, consider getting them one of the excellent study Bibles that are available.  No matter what type of Bible you choose, remember to write an inscription on the inside cover of the Bible, listing the date and occasion, and writing a personal note.

2. Devotional

A devotional is a meaningful gift that can offer inspiration long after the glory of graduation has faded. If there is a devotional which has helped you through your life, that may be a great choice for your teen. Again, write a personal explanation of why you chose this particular devotional and offer your words of graduation blessing. If your graduate will be attending a college far away, think about the fact that a shared devotional book could help keep you close. A book that is organized by date makes it easy to stay on the same page, so buy a copy for yourself, too!

3. Biography or Christian Classic

In addition to Bibles and devotionals, biographies of well-known Christians can be inspiring. There are so many great biographies of Christian leaders, saints, and martyrs! From John Calvin to Mother Theresa to Dietrich Bonhoeffer, biographies of great Christians of the past are wonderful reading. If there is a Christian historical figure your high school graduate is especially fascinated by, pick up a biography or autobiography. There are other 'Classics' that would be wonderful reading alongside college textbooks! Think John Bunyan's "Pigrim's Progress," Augustine's "Confessions," C. S. Lewis’s “Mere Christianity,” Chesterton's "Orthodoxy" or Dante’s “Divine Comedy.

4. Journal & Pen

A journal makes a wonderful addition to the gift of a Bible, devotional, or religious book set. It gives your teenager a place to write insights from daily Bible study and prayer times or to journal the events of the day. Consider a nice pen to go along with the journal. You can also go to a store that sells trophies and awards and get a fancy pen that's engraved with your graduate’s name or favorite scripture reference to make it more meaningful.

5. Custom Class Ring

Class rings are a fun graduation gifts for high school seniors. Usually they’re engraved with the year of graduation and the name of the high school. However there’s no reason you can’t replace the name of the high school with a short, inspirational phrase or Scripture reference. The class rings on our site offer side designs that have been created specifically for Christian graduates.

6. Framed Scripture

There are many wonderful verses in the Bible that can be framed and hung on the wall. Your teenager likely has his or her own favorite scripture passage that would be very meaningful for them to have in their dorm room. Choose an attractive font, print it out, and frame it. Or look in a Christian gift shop or even search online for free printable artwork that is suitable for framing.

As you search for the perfect graduation gift for your high school graduate, remember that a meaningful Christian high school graduation present will be cherished for years to come while it helps keep your teen’s heart close to God.

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