Multiple Students on One Order

How to personalize this card for the students in your school or group:

  • All cards must be identical in every way, except for the student names.

  • The announcement quantities for each graduate must be ordered in multiples of ten. The price is calculated by using the quantity for the entire, combined order, and then adding $6 for each individual student's personalization.

  • The text must not contain parent names, gender, or any other element that would need to be changed.

  • The student name is the ONLY changeable element on the card.


How to Use the Order Form:

  • Fill out the order form, selecting the unchangeable elements of the card (foil color, font style, etc)

  • Give us the text that will be printed on all of the cards

  • Add it to the shopping cart with the COMBINED quantity for your group.

  • Then go to the tabs just below the price chart, and open the tab called "Add Student Names"

  • Give us each name, and the quantity for that student.

  • Be sure the total quantity matches the individual student quantities.

Questions? Give us a call!