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 Homeschool Graduation

Our Family's Homeschool Graduation Story

Some families choose to hold a ceremony at home or in their church and make their child's commencement a public affair with friends and family present. Others keep it a very private affair and make it a memorable family-only time. When our daughter graduated, we chose to do both.

Our daughter completed her academic work in early January.  She had no desire to participate in a group graduation ceremony, and we didn't try to talk her into it. We wanted to have an Open House for her once the weather warmed up in the spring, but meanwhile, it seemed important to recognize the fact that she had finished her high school work and had done such an excellent job.  We wanted to honor her for her many accomplishments and Godly character, and encourage her to continue in her faith.

I created a very special diploma just for her, with wording that gave thanks to God for His enabling grace and included the verse from Proverbs 9 that reads "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding." (In fact, this diploma wording is now offered on the Personalized and Exclusive Diplomas we sell here at!)  My husband and I made plans to have a family dinner (just the four of us) in late January at a very special restaurant about an hour from home.

The Unpredictable  - a Wisconsin Winter Storm

On the day before the special date, we made the dinner reservations and got her a corsage. And then . . . it began to snow! January storms in Wisconsin can be nasty, but we decided to take a chance and make the trip anyway, though the drive took quite a while longer. As it turned out, that snowstorm was part of what made the evening so very special!

The fact that the restaurant was almost deserted made it seem like our own private place, and as we sat near the huge windows and watched the snow falling on the softly lit landscape outside, we were blessed by the pianist who played -- just for us, it seemed. He didn't know us, and he didn't know that our daughter is also a pianist, but as we enjoyed a fantastic meal he gave us the gift of a musical history of her life. He played many of the pieces that had filled our home with joy over the years. He played classical waltzes and preludes, selections from theater shows that both of our children had been involved in, and even family favorites like "Sunrise, Sunset" from "Fiddler on the Roof!" We were so blessed by the music. It was something we never could have planned, but we think of it as a gift from God for her special night.

We gave her the diploma that evening, and then in May, she hand-cranked 8 six-quart batches of homemade ice cream (a family tradition) to feed the 90 guests who came to congratulate her at the Open House we held in our yard.  Both events are special times to remember, and I know that she does not feel deprived of a traditional ceremony, but has wonderful memories of family and friends gathering to commemorate her accomplishments.


Both events are special times to remember, and I know that she ... has wonderful memories of family and friends gathering to commemorate her accomplishments.


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