Our Suggested Texts for Personalized Insert Cards

The highlighted areas below are replaced with your own information

  • Text #1 is more formal, with the date and time written out.
  • Text #2 is less formal - the text is written in first person and numerals are used for the date and time.

(Both texts are shown in the GOT font)

When NOT to choose an order form for one of these suggested insert card texts:

  • If you are inviting guests to an event other than those listed as options on the order form, use the regular order form so that you can enter your own text.

  • If you need a line for R.S.V.P., use the regular order forms. (On that form, you can put your R.S.V.P. information on the last line and write us a note asking that the last line be a smaller font, slightly separated from the rest of the text. (Remember, is it not correct to request an RSVP for an Open House.)

  • If you want to have us enlarge the student's name, you must use the regular order forms, write the text so the student's name is on it's own line, and choose the option that says "Larger Font for Student Name."