Most orders ship within 2-3 days!

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Payment Options & Issues


We offer 3 Payment Options:


1. Credit/Debit: Our secure shopping cart accepts Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express. If you pay online with credit or debit, the funds will be taken from your account the evening of the day you order. See below for notes about credit or debit payment issues.


2. Money Order: You may select the "Mail-in" option and send us a money order. The first day of production is the day after we receive your money order. We do not start on the order until the payment is received.

We do not accept personal checks. In the event that your school or organization mails us a check, we may return it and request payment by another method, OR we may deposit the check and wait to ship your order until your check clears our bank; allow 3 weeks between the time we receive the check from your school and the date of shipment.


3. Phone Payment: You may select the "phone payment" option and then call us with your credit or debit card number. All we ask is that you actually finish the order online so that you have an order number when you call us. We begin production on your order the day after we speak with you.

Is your school accustomed to using a P.O.?
Place your order on line and check out by selecting the "mail in payment" option. This will give you an exact total of what the order will cost. You may use the open order confirmation that you'll receive via email as an invoice, or you can call and ask us to send you an invoice for that order after you've placed it. Then send us a check from your school. Your payment must match the order total, including shipping. However, keep in mind that payment by check will delay your order; see the section above for details.

We can also accept a purchase order as payment, but only from publicly funded schools - call for approval.

We do not begin production on any orders until we have the payment. We do not send a bill, but you will get a notice from the shopping cart that gives your order number and shows that the order is pending payment.


Payment Issues / Declined Transactions


For security reasons, our shopping cart is set to require that the billing address and the CVV code on your card match what your bank has on file. If what you give does NOT match, or if there are insufficient funds, your order will be declined. Please read the following information about declined orders:


1. The most common reason for a declined transaction is an address mis-match. This means that the billing address you typed does not match what the the card-holding bank has on file. When this type of "decline" takes place, you may see a "pending" payment on your account because the funds have been "authorized." A "pending" transaction does not mean that payment for the order has gone through.


2. DO NOT place the order over again! If you've gotten a message about the payment being declined, WE HAVE YOUR ORDER. You can attempt payment again if you don't close your browser. If you still have trouble, give us a call so that we can determine the problem with the payment. Often we can manually correct the address, run the transaction, and put the order into production without any problem. Placing another order and attempting another payment just compounds the problems caused by a declined transaction.


3. Authorization: Please recognize that if your card is declined because of an address issue, the authorization created by that attempted transaction will "hold" those funds for about 3 business days. (This makes them unavailable for your use. That time frame is determined by your card-issuing bank, so if you have a question it is best to call them.) Attempting the payment again may create ANOTHER authorization. Unfortunately, we have no way to cancel the authorization. For this reason, we ask you NOT to attempt another order. Instead, please review your information to see if you can determine the reason for the decline, and call our customer service at 877-466-2563 so we can help resolve the payment issue.