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 Homeschool Graduation

Announcing a Homeschool Graduation: Use Social Media or Send Printed Cards?

Are printed invitations and announcements obsolete in the day of social media? Can't you skip the process of ordering, addressing, and mailing? Won't clicking a few buttons achieve the same result? Here are things to consider when you are deciding precisely how to invite people to your graduation celebration or to announce your homeschooler's completion of high school.

In this Information Age, high school graduates have a choice between sending a traditional, printed card or using social media to announce a homeschool graduation. Each form of announcement has advantages and disadvantages. Weigh the options carefully before you make your choice for this once-in-a-lifetime milestone.

The Traditional Route Makes for More Certain Delivery

Mailing a traditional announcement is the more formal and traditional route to go. It also guarantees that everyone will receive the announcement. After all, not everyone is active on social media.

Many older adults such as grandparents either don’t have a computer or rarely use it, much less involve themselves with social media. Even people who do have a social media account may not frequent it often or may miss things that are posted by friends or family.

Many younger adults avoid social media as well. The various social media sites can easily become time hogs that cause people to lose hours when you only meant to be on social media a few minutes. If you want to ensure that everyone will receive your high school graduation announcement, you’ll need to send traditional announcements to family and friends who are not a regular users of social media.

A Traditional Announcement and Invitation Will be Taken Seriously

It’s too easy to say yes on social media to trust it for an actual guest count. If you issue a blanket invitation on social media, many people will respond, saying they will come. They get excited and post a yes before consulting a calendar; they may even experience an unconscious social pressure to jump on the bandwagon and say yes as others are doing. However, far fewer will actually attend the party or ceremony

Traditional invitations are taken more seriously by the people who receive them. If people give you a call to let you know they plan to attend the graduation ceremony, they will likely be there. That printed card sitting on their calendar or kitchen counter is a visible reminder that social media can’t provide. 

Some friends and family may consider it uncouth not to send printed invitations. It’s an expected part of the graduation ritual, and it may raise eyebrows if you veer from the path of tradition.

A Traditional Announcement and Invitation is More Personal

Receiving an invitation or announcement in the mail is far more personal than being on the receiving end of a mass group invitation through social media. After all, people are notorious for mindlessly inviting every single person on their friend list to random events. Traditional invitations and announcements are sent only to people you truly wish to be present. It’s not a mass mailing. There is no confusion over whether the invitation was intentional or accidental.

In addition, you can personalize the announcement and invitation by using a photo card or inserting a picture of your homeschool graduate into the card. You can also include a short handwritten note on the card itself, further personalizing the invitation. Even addressing the envelope can demonstrate a personal flair if you use a pretty script or calligraphy. The stamp you select can send a personal touch too.

On social media, everyone is getting the same invitation whether they are family, long time friends, or new acquaintances. Printed announcements are something people may want to save in a scrapbook. No one considers a social media invite something worth keeping as a memento or heirloom. And how would you keep it, anyway?

A Social Media Graduation Announcement is Easier and Cheaper

Social media has certainly simplified inviting people to events in your life. With a few clicks, the job is done. Compared to selecting invitations, planning wording, estimating how many to print, waiting for them to be shipped, and addressing envelopes, a single social media post is easy.

Many teenagers almost exclusively use online platforms to plan and invite friends to their various social events. As a result, it feels natural for your graduating teenager to send an invitation through social media than to try to gather addresses to send a traditional invitation.

Let’s face it, printing homeschool graduation invitations or announcements is another expense and can be signifigant if you’re sending them to a large list. That’s not even including the price of postage. Social media allows you to invite a large group of guests to your homeschool graduation for free!

Social media also makes it simple to keep a count of everyone who plans on attending. You no longer have to track names on a checklist. Instead you simply send out the invitations and periodically check to see the latest count of who has responded to your event.

Use this Mixed Alternative to Get the Best of Both Worlds

One alternative to social media invitations is to combine a social media announcement with phone calls and traditional invitations. Encourage your teenager to use the method they usually use to invite friends to various events -- probably social media. But to invite other important people you’d like to attend, mail a traditional, printed announcements or invitations.

You also have the option of sending a mass social media invitation to everyone you’d like to attend and calling anyone who does not have a social media account. 

By combining social media with traditional announcements and invitations, you’ll have the best of both worlds, cover all your bases, and offer multiple reminders so people are sure to attend your well planned event.

Choosing between sending a social media invitation and traditional announcements can be a difficult decision. Besides the matters of convenience and cost, there is the issue of etiquette. If in doubt, use the method you usually use to invite family and friends to events in your life. The main thing is that friends and family know your child is graduating and join you in the celebration, so don’t get too hung up on the method of delivery.

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