How We Process Your Announcement Order


Our Service

  • It is very important to us that you look good! Our experienced team proofreads your order according to the level you choose, and we make sure the text is centered horizontally and vertically so that it looks good on the page.

  • Remember, you are ordering from a small business with excellent customer service, not from a website where the orders go direct-to-press without any human intervention

  • We have received Carlson Craft's Distinguished Dealer awards every year since 2004 for the work we do to assist our customers! This type of recognition is not something we take for granted; we know that good service cannot "rest on its laurels!"



What happens when you place an order?


  • Once your order is placed and paid for, we look it over, normally within a few hours of the time you place it. We read the text with an experienced eye for the common problems, and make the types of changes you've given us permission for. We have years of experience with social correctness, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar, so we'll edit to whatever level you choose. The order then goes into production.

  • If we need to contact you, you'll get an e-mail from us with an attachment showing your original submission and our suggested version.

  • Check your email after you place the order. Even if you have chosen to use a "popular text" or did not choose in-depth editing, we may still need to reach you. Sometimes people give us a day and date that don't agree... we can't go to production until we have an answer on something like that!

  • If you have requested an actual typeset proof of the announcement (the order form offers this option for an additional charge) we proofread, and resolve any questions before sending it to the typesetting department. You will get a black and white .pdf file showing exactly what the printed portion of the announcement will look like. We then wait to hear from you before proceeding.

  • In a hurry? See our page of tips for expediting your announcement order!


Orders are not submitted for printing until we have resolved any questions we have about your order. For this reason, it is very important that you give us good contact information when you check out, and then check your e-mail and voice mail regularly.


What happens if there is an error on the order?


Despite our best efforts, sometimes we make an error or the shipper damages the contents of the box. Call us immediately if you find a problem. (If you get our voice mail, leave a message explaining that you have received an announcement order with an error -- we make such calls a top priority.)


If the error has been caused by us, by a printer partner of ours, or by the shipping carrier, a replacement will be printed as quickly as possible (normally the next business day) If necessary, we will expedite the shipping.