Ring Sizing Information

Your ring warranty includes free re-sizing, but it would be disappointing not to be able to wear it when it arrives, so we suggest that you try one of the methods below to get the most accurate sizing possible!

Buying a ring without being able to try it on might seem a little difficult, but it really isn't! If you aren't sure of the best ring size, then we recommend that you go with the smaller of your estimates. It is easy to make a ring slightly larger by stretching the metal in the band slightly, but it is more difficult to down-size. So try these suggestions, and if in doubt, order the smaller size!


1. Place your order online using your "best guess" at the ring size.

2. Check out without paying for it. (You can choose to call in a payment.)

3. Put a note in the checkout area or call us at 877-466-2563 and ask for a ring sizer, or visit a local jeweler to confirm the ring size.


You'll have the plastic sizer in the mail in a few days, and then you can call us, give your payment, and provide the final decision on the sizing!

Keep in mind that your fingers are smaller than normal first thing in the morning, and also when your hands are cold. Your fingers are larger during hot weather, or after you've been very active. It is best not to take your measurement during these times.