RUSH Option for Diplomas


The RUSH Option costs $10.
  - It subtracts 2 days from the production time.
  - It does not affect the time-in-transit.
  - Find it on the RUSH tab (See image below)


The shopping cart will calculate the ship date based on the options you select, and will take into account whether or not the cart contains a "RUSH." Check the message at the top of your shopping cart to see what day the order will leave our office.

If you would like to add or subtract options to change the production time, this information may be helpful:
  • Diploma production time is 3 business days (not counting the day it is placed)

  • Our shopping cart calculator adds two additional business days if you have selected hand calligraphy for the student name.

  • Our shopping cart calculator adds two additional business days if the diploma has any 23kt gold (gilding)


Four Important Details About RUSH Orders:

  1. The RUSH option refers to how quickly we make your order. It does not include shipping time.

  2. When calculating the shipping time, do not count the day the order goes out. Our shopping cart offers Priority Mail as well as a number of date-definite services from UPS.

  3. If you place a RUSH order, we begin working on it immediately. Therefore we do not accept changes to the text or signature line titles on RUSH orders.

  4. The RUSH applies to the diploma order and any stock items that can ship with it from our office, such as caps and gowns, accessories, and semi-personalized (pre-printed) announcements. It does not change the production time on items such as name cards, address labels, or personal notes. If you are placing a RUSH on your diploma, any items that require more production days than your diploma should be placed as a separate order, or they will delay the diploma order!



Example: A diploma order that does not have calligraphy, gold, or personalization on the cover is placed on Wednesday. This order would normally ship on the third business day (Monday). If the RUSH option is added, this order would go out the next business day, which is Thursday. If overnight shipping is selected, it would arrive on Friday. If 2-day UPS shipping is selected, it would arrive on Monday, since 2-day UPS shipping is 2 business days.

Another example: An Exclusive diploma is ordered on Friday with no calligraphy, gilding or cover personalization. The RUSH option is added, and Priority Mail is selected as the shipping option. The customer says they need it on the following Wednesday. Will they have it in time? Answer: It will leave our office on the next business day, which is Monday. BUT... we don't know when the customer will get it, since Priority mail is not a date-definite service. If a specific delivery date is needed, choose one of the date-definite services, such as 3-day express saver.