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Seals & Papers for Diplomas


Seals for Standard and Personalized Diplomas:

The three gold seals directly below (embossed foil) are offered on the Standard and Personalized Diplomas. The two printed seals are offered on the Personalized Diplomas and the Wallet diploma.

All seals are © 2018

Seals for Exclusive Diplomas:

If you'd like more information about process used to create these engraved diploma seals, see the information at the bottom of this page.




Seals for Gilded Diplomas:

Gold is hand-applied to the printed seal of your choice, and also to the first letter of the school name. View details about our 23kt gold option.



Using Your Own Seal for a Diploma:


If you have an embosser or are planning to purchase one from us, we can leave the seal off your diploma so that you can apply your own. Seals made with the 1 5/8" embosser will fit our diplomas, but larger ones will not. If you want to have us enclose a blank seal for you to emboss instead of the seal listed on the diploma order form, just write a note for us in the text box in the shopping cart.


Paper for Diplomas


Ivory Parchment

Cream-Colored Stock


Standard, Personalized, Gilded and Exclusive Diplomas can be produced on either ivory parchment or cream colored stock. (Vintage Diplomas are offered only on ivory parchment.) The ivory parchment is an 80 pound text weight paper with a slightly textured surface and a nice "antique" color -- not too white, and not too yellow.We especially like this diploma paper because it has a parchment look but is not so "busy" that it overwhelms the text.


Both stocks are acid free and without watermarks of any kind. The cream paper has a warm (but not overly yellow) color, and is a 65# cover weight stock. The smooth finish sets off the gilding beautifully, and is especially nice with the gold corner ribbons of the diploma holder. Many people call and ask which paper they should choose. The parchment is the most popular choice, but the cream colored stock gives the diploma a more traditional look, and is especially nice for diplomas with the 23kt gold option. The gold stands out a little bit more when it is not competing with the patterning of the parchment paper. If you are choosing calligraphy for the student's name, you might want to know that the slightly uneven texture of the parchment can give the hand lettering a bit more of a rustic look. You might not notice the difference without a magnifying glass, but the hand written letters on the cream colored paper will have a smoother edge.


It is difficult to describe papers and colors adequately on a computer screen! If you send us a self-address stamped envelope, we will be happy to send paper samples to you.